Always Uncomfortable (Part 3 of 3)

December comes and there we go with all those celebrations and festivities, but before it is too late (once again) Nilogia brings to you an extra challenge that consists of applying some simple strategies to your daily habits before the year is over, so that we do not have to deal with so much Healing and Recovery in January.
As much as you may love eating, drinking and sitting during Christmas and New Year's Eve, I am sure you would agree with me that our choices can make the first moments of 2016 very dramatic (thumbs up for the high rates of heart attacks, highway accidents and various kinds of hangovers and food babes). So instead of adopting this uncomfortable reality, I invite you to take part in The Nilogia Uncomfortable Series Part 3 of 3:

21) Put your Abdomen to Work. Like it or not, it is not only for the aesthetics, it is about getting stronger core muscles, better balance and improved posture as well. And best of all, to exercise your abdominal muscles, you don't need any crazy device (time to sell that Ab Torturer 2000). Planks, Leg Raises, Butterfly Sit-ups and Strict Sit-Ups are some good variations.

22) Choose your Friends Wisely. The same way you change people around you, you turn out to be a little bit of all of those who you walk with.
23) Log Results and How you Feel. Diaries may be gone, but if there is something great about all these new apps revolution is the possibility of getting practical ways of logging different results about our lives. Logging helps us on noticing changes in performance, quality of sleep, the way we feel after eating and how much we are saving or spending.
24) Starve the Limitations. Tell a dog everyday that he is a cat and even though he will not meow back to you or understand what you mean by "cat", he will come closer when you call him "cat". Tell yourself only how good you are, tell yourself who you want to be and not who you can't be.
25) "Be Water, My Friend". Bruce Lee once said that, and for more uncomfortable it might be, it works pretty well in life. Change the changeable, deal with the unchangeable. Surrender to those moments when you will not being able to have things done as you expect, suck it up and keep working hard. Be as adaptable in your life course as the water that flows down by the river.
26) Save Money. It doesn't matter how much you make or how much you spend, it always possible saving a little.

27) Learn a New Language. Choose one and dedicate yourself to learning more and more from it. Thanks to learning English I graduated in Literatures, got interested in learning Spanish, traveled the world, worked with Public Relations while being in the Army, increased my knowledge in Physical Education, worked in the Hotel Industry, met great people and even fell in love. Also it is thanks to  second language that our articles are brought to you both in Portuguese and English versions.
28) Take a Cold Bath (Preferably by the Morning). By doing so you will boost your levels of alertness faster, save water going from a 15-30 minutes bath to a 2-5 minutes one, save time to doing something more useful by the morning, learn how to be tougher and get inspired for the whole day, as well as take better care of your skin as it is proved that water when too hot, as well as when too cold is harmful to the natural condition of human skin.

29) Prepare your Own Food (At Least Once a Week). Human Beings tend to boast their superiority over the other animals, but fact is, every single day we lose more and more from our natural instincts, being able to get your own food ready will put you closer to yourself as well as open your eyes to the fact that the current "supermarket culture" might be killing your perception of how grateful we should really be for every meal.
30) ...    

As the list could go on and on, our last suggestion is there exactly to remind us that we are all welcome to keep adding to this list of challenges. You have just finished the last part from our Always Uncomfortable Series, and for that we congratulate and thank you for taking a few minutes of your day investing in yourself. We wish you great success on applying the strategies provided and if you did not have the chance of reading Part 1 and Part 2, you are also invited to do so.

Keep Strong. And Apply What you Have just Read.