5 Reasons Why Every Girlfriend Should Stop Wearing Bras

Jean Paul is a happy guy, everyday he runs to the corner to get some fresh croissants for him and his loved wife. They are happy for the majority of the time. He is a personal trainer, she is a yoga instructor, they live, love and lift together. Today his girlfriend decided to share why she is probably happier than most of the girls out there. Here is why, Nilogia brings to you 5 Reasons Every Girlfriend Should Stop Wearing Bras.

A recent French Study, conducted over 15 years, with women from 18 to 35 years old shows that there is no health benefits to wearing a bra and that breasts are actually better off without them.

1) Women Will Get Tighter Muscles and A Natural Lift. Bra use stopped muscle from growing whereas women who did not wear bras developed stronger breasts (nipples up!).

2) Women Breath Better and Increase Oxygen Flow. Bra straps and the bands are very constrictive. Not breathing properly can cause boring-girlfriend effects, including headaches, bad-hair days, make-up-is-not-good days and my-skin-is-horrible effects. Bras do not only tighten the passage of air by their lungs but also makes it difficult nourishing the skin in their breasts with proper nutrients and oxygen. It can sound extreme, but truth is that if we consider that Cancer cells grow up in acidic environments, and the lack of oxygen promotes this conditions, we could say that not wearing a bra also offers some sort of protection against this serious disease.

3) It Helps to Eliminate Poor Posture. "Nilo, if there is no bra, there is no back support!" Actually we do have our core, an amazing set of power-packed bones and muscles working together for a strong natural posture! Now, if every single day girls limit their body's natural ability to adapt, rest sure they will get back pain if they go from wearing bras their whole lives straight to no bra at all from one day to the other. Mainly if they are naturally gifted. So women should take it easy, in order to build up the strength they did not acquire over their growth process. Alternating between yes-bra and no-bra days, and adopting the use of sports bra more often as well, tend to aid in the adaptation process.

4) It Is Increasingly More Socially Acceptable! From celebrities to models in fashion magazines, more and more women are braless. Men get happier (so there could be less time for war and corruption), and women realize it is very sexy and natural. As more women join the braless revolution, the more socially acceptable it becomes.

5) It Makes Breast Feeding Way Much Easier. An overly tight or underwire nursing bra can cause milk ducts to become plugged. Always that possible, mothers should go braless allowing their breasts to air out as much as possible in order to prevent the risks of infections.

Keep Strong. And Braless Please.