The Magic One Million Dollars Solution for I Cannot

It's practice, it's training and experimenting, while pushing through the pain to be the best I can be, that is what magic is to me. (David Blaine, while talking about how he hold his breath for seventeen minutes and broke a Guinness world record)

Alright, so you woke up this morning and realized that nothing is as easy as you thought. There is no blue in the sky that could be enough to get you out of this gray case of demotivating diarrhea. You try, but trying is not enough, you must do it and you know it. Welcome to the grind, please accept that in reality you know what you should be doing. Eat clean, move often, recover, showing gratitude for the body you have.

Let God know that you are alive, and please, if by any chance you do no believe He exists, I respect your beliefs, as far as you remember that your body is the only property that you really own. A priceless treasure able to be faster, stronger, more capable than any I-something ever invented. So let's make it simple, if life sucks, suck it up and follow the protocol:

1) Eat clean. Do you want to improve your overall stage of Coolness?! So put some energy on, find the average number of calories you should be eating. It really doesn't matter the formula to begin with, but once you have it, spend this calories in real food options. Avoid processed and labeled food, most of them are full of preservatives and additives, including sugar and chemicals linked to cancer, heart, lungs, bone, blood and other hundred diseases. Get a balanced ratio between carbohydrates, protein and fats and remember you need all of them. Drink water, only water! Let the juice, sodas, alcohol, milk and coffee become a treat for once in a while.

2) Move. And find an activity you can see yourself being consistent with. It really doesn't matter if you are a Zumba Machine, Arnold Fanatic or Rich Fronning Wanna Be, as far as you can keep it consistent and intense, you will get the great Black Mamba benefits of exercising. Our modern lifestyle can be very corrosive, so if your life is so messed up that you don't have time to exercise, get out of the comfort zone as much as possible. Walk instead of driving, cook instead of buying, make love instead of watching. Did you know that one hour hand washing clothes burns 1000 Calories average?! Exercise, and if by any chance you don't find anything that you like, well... Shut up and do something!

3) Rest. Sleep, I mean sleep. Turn off the TV, close those curtains, make an appointment with yourself for this one. Go for eight hours, nine, ten if you can! Five is all you can get this week? So make the relationship between you and your bed a real quality time by now. Woke up at night time? Fine, read a book, meditate, but push for relaxation. Science guarantees that worrying about the next day is just going to contribute more and more to an ulcer adventure.

By doing so, it is true that you won't bring those who passed away back to life, May they rest in peace. It won't put you out of a financial issue, it won't change a girl's bad hair day, not even a feel-like-not-looking-good-naked sensation that may arise here and there in a men's life, but still, what if you don't do it? Wouldn't it all be worse?!

Keep strong.