Our Toxic World & Ten "It Will Not Work" Proof Tips

"Start with chlorine, parabens, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl ether triethanolamine sulfate, phthalates in all cycles, aluminum chlorohydrate, then follow with caffeine, aflatoxins and ochratoxins and supplement with NL-alpha-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine. Finish with sodium fluoride, triclosan and silicon dioxide. Good Morning."

No, this is not a cycle of anabolic steroids in order to become Logan Wolverine or the new Miranda Oldroyd; these are just some of the toxins to which you expose yourself when you wake up, take a shower, grab a cup of coffee and brush your teeth before leaving in a hurry. On a typical day, you may be exposed to an average of a thousand toxins and each year, an average of a thousand new ones are released in the market. The industry uses an average of 80,000 different toxins in the production of goods, foods, clothing, accessories, everything you buy and think of.

The word TOXIN comes from the Greek and is used to describe any poisonous substance produced naturally inside cells or organisms. Toxins should not cause harm or serious illness because we are able to naturally detoxify through perspiration, urination, respiration and excretion (PURE).

On the other hand, with the Industrial Revolution, a new type was born: SYNTHETIC TOXINS. Created in the labs, these ones confuse and alter our natural flow and their long term effects represent a high risk to our health. Diseases such as Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, depression, fibromyalgia, hypertension, asthma, difficulty in concentrating, hormonal dysfunction, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart attacks, multiple organ failure, memory loss, chronic fatigue, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity and cancer are all stimulated by toxins.

No matter how careful, vegetarian, activist, lactose or gluten free, organic, hippie, boring, Republican, Democrat or Jason Bourne you are, we are all exposed to a degree of synthetic toxins.

Our three basic needs for survival are almost becoming characters from X-Men:

Food: Chemicals, nutrient loss, processed products, genetically modified, thickeners, additives that enhance the flavor and smell, dyes, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones (bio = life), herbicides and pesticides.

Water: Only 1% of the world's water is drinkable. It depends on our water filters, chemical agents, it is doubtfully purified, poorly distributed and suffocated in plastic bottles or cans (BPA found in plastic bottles is carcinogenic) and after all, where do our water discharges go? And where does the fish we eat come from?

Air: Not only polluted, the air became conditioned and artificially purified, or killed and deprived of circulation (take a glance at a residential building and note how many windows are closed).

To complete, in addition to changes in food, water and air, there are medications, stress, supplements, cosmetics, alcohol and other drugs that make the accumulation of even more serious toxins. The body weakens, ages, and then you start thinking. "- Well, at least I'm better than the majority" but the majority no longer serves as an example and based on this, I invite you to follow my ten "it will not work" proof tips:

1) Eat clean and just real food. Eat organic if possible.

2) Drink water and only water. One liter for every 40 pounds of body weight to start and create the habit. Constantly, not at once.

3) Replace your cosmetics and cleaning products for natural options and friends of Captain Planet.

4) Get rid of drugs in general. If you take any prescription medication, seek to understand the cause of the disease and fight to change your clinical condition.

5) Trim fat. The body houses toxins in fat tissue. So cut body fat and limit the consumption of animal fat.

6) Be physically active. It simulates your body natural detoxification.

7) Alkalize your diet. Toxins are acidic solutions that alter the pH of our body. Combat the risk of acidosis and strengthen your immunity system by following a diet that takes into account 60% -80% alkaline to combat the acidity.

8) Go on a detoxification program. It does not matter your choice: fasting, juices, supplements based on algae, green supplements, spa, lymphatic drainage programs, there are several methods, but understand that your body, like a car, also needs maintenance from time to time.

9) Consume daily a minimum of 3000mg of Omega 3. Distilled Molecular (free of heavy metals) if possible.

10) Do not put a price on your health. Eating well, affording the services of a personal trainer or nutritionist, getting water quality, organic supplements, all this may seem expensive at first, but does your body have a price? And beer? Whey protein? Evening with friends? Big Mac? New dress? IPhone 6? Are they more important?

Do not think about it, do something.

Keep Strong.