Happy Holidays & A Fearless You in Front of the Mirror

Christmas come and off you go! Family and friends, lots of food and drinking, some shopping here and there, a night hopefully rich in good moments, but of poor sleeping followed by some possible gastric French Revolution. As if it was not enough, still drunk neurons play covers of System of a Down inside your head.

Guess what? You are just planting the seeds for one more messed up January. After all, look the way it is: you overindulge throughout this last week to celebrate the year to come. And what do you end up doing when it starts? Working on extreme new diet and fitness resolutions in an attempt to aid what you have done wrong on the year before, mainly, trying to get rid of those extra flabby-wobbly-non-FDA-approved-weight you got.

So, the best advise is for you to prepare for not failing. Nobody better than you to forecast your possible holiday eating and exercising patterns. Instead of starting the year with unnecessary fitness concerns as part of your resolutions, eliminate the problem by using this last week to cut down on Calories and junkie food, or including more activities PRIOR to the Annualy (Disguised in Santa's Hat) Refined Sugar Cholesterol Wild Feast. You know what is coming, so clean it up before it gets dirty.

Keep strong. And build an Empire.