Stop Doing Exercises: Say No to Mediocrity

By self-evaluating your Physical Fitness, considering Performance, Health and your desired standard of Aesthetics, what is your main goal? How many years have you been fighting for it? During these last five years how much money have you spent with personal training and gym? How much was the session with that amazing nutritionist? How about Supplements and magazines? Most of all, consider our most precious investment, something that is actually priceless, how much time have you invested on exercising or following various diets that did not take you anywhere specific, or if so, brought you to a plateau?

Wake up and change your perception. Exercising and healthy dieting is well suited for most, considering that on average 40% of the population is overweight, but exercising and training are distinct activities. Exercising is any activity that produces some kind of result today, during, or after its execution. Training on the other hand, involves not only practicing exercising in different ways, but developing a smart plan to achieve the specific goal, a program that must also cover nutrition strategies consistent with the desired results.

If a program does not offer you the opportunity to become faster or stronger; gain muscle or lose fat; become more flexible and better conditioned to perform a given task by transformation inducing stress; you should not go around calling this a training program. This would be just exercising. Now it is up to you if it is really worth continuing with what you are doing or saying Enough to some of your choices.

Keep Strong.