5 Benefits of Flying for Life, Nutrition & Fitness and How to Start Today

First things first. For this kind of flying I am referring to, you won't need wings, nor a plane, no Private Classes with Icarus, not a Pampering Day with Cheech & Chong and not even a Red Bull Lifetime Supply.

Flying is a concept I have noticed being used frequently by successful people with no mercy or discretion, which once learned you can use it to improve your results in anything you do. I mean anything. You can use it to get pumped, you can use it to power snatch trolls, to make any diet easy, to get rich, sustain the perfect marriage, be the best dad or mom, improve your sexual life, get rid of medication, get a solid muscle-packed body, look good naked or simply survive the Apocalypse.

So to make the idea really clear, let me introduce you to one of the greatest inspirational flyers I could use to describe what flying is:

Early in the morning, he jumps from bed, put some clothes on, get some water and a cold shower. The mindset is on and he is driven to do it, ready to go and run absurd long distances for any human being. One caveat: He has been doing it consistently with a forty-freaking-two kilograms fridge, almost a hundred pounds piece, attached to his fifty years old hero back!

He is Tony "The Fridge" Phoenix-Morrison, Award Winning, World Record Holding Extreme Endurance Athlete & Ultra Runner. He ran the entire length of Great Britain in 40 days, The Great North Run 30 times in 30 Days, 67.1 Miles in 24 hours, 44 miles in 12 hours on a treadmill and and over 50 Marathons & Half Marathons covering over 2400 miles... Carrying a fridge! A fridge!

Tony started doing it as a bet, but soon it turned into a mission that makes marathons look like fun runs. Reason? He does it for those who carry what he sees as greater loads, notably the cancer sufferers for whom he raises funds. How? He never runs relying only on his own strength. He is empowered by the community supporting him. His dedication to them leaves him no choice. When he’s running, Tony rarely thinks beyond the next step, after all there is no need... He definitely knows how to fly.

So what is flying and how do we do it? Flying is different from being driven, you can be driven to do something (and I am sure our friend Tony is), but still, you are not necessarily able to fly when fighting your own monsters or pursuing your own goals.

People doing volunteer jobs, record holders, Olympic athletes, firefighters, teachers, politicians, artists, musicians, bank managers and priests, all of them are driven in some way. All of us, independent of the pathway we choose, are driven to some point.

We do something in order to get something, and reasons to do so sometimes are easier to identify in some cases than in others. Motivational cues are several as well as the need for a purpose. Sometimes a purpose is not even necessary to reveal our driven behaviors.

We are all driven at some level, but flying goes beyond it. It is about pushing through pain when your body for no more reps. It is about people meditating on Ice. Men walking on fire. Monks fasting for days. It is about holding your breath under water longer than you could ever imagine. Or even getting a giant disgusting rat out of a fierce dog's mouth without thinking twice, because you love puppies and there is a chance the dead Stuart Little hanging through the doggy's jaws is poisoned*. Flying is all about shutting up our inner voice in order to achieve bigger results.

So, here are Five Benefits of Flying for Life, Nutrition & Fitness:

1) Fly When Exercising. Whatever activity you have chosen, once there, go for it. Turn off your cell phone, stop the Instagram Selfies from the same Creators of Looking Good in the Gym, In the Elevator Going to the Gym, Home Pumped After the Gym. When working against time, distance, loads or for repetitions on your workouts, focus before starting the set, once started just focus on keeping a steady pace and flying to the end. Empty your mind as much as possible of external concerns.

2) Fly During Sex. I am not asking you to think about someone else, think about something different, or fly to the end as fast as possible. However, studies show that most of the problems related to sex for men and women, including poor erections, lack of libido, fast ejaculation, difficulties in achieving orgasm, are all related to stress. Keep the stress away from bed, listen to your body, be in the moment, let the sensations talk by themselves and you should be able to have happier and longer moments of pleasure with your partner.

3) Fly When Working. There is a story about three guys laying bricks that once inquired about what they were doing gave different answers. The first said he was laying bricks, the second said he was building a wall, but the third went further than that, he was building a school, where hopefully every local kid would have a chance of joining in order to become successful people in the future, giving birth not to a building, but to an Empire. Ignore the boring call you just made, the horrible boss you have, the bitch sitting on the other table, the traffic, the multiple targets, focus on flying to your goal and objective. And yes, if your job feels like torture, time to change it!

4) Fly When on a Budget or Saving Money. When I was a kid, my mother and I would walk by the beach on weekends and I would always ask her for a ride on those battery powered toys for kids, including the mini jeeps and motorcycles. Fact is that they were (and I am sure they still are) ridiculous expensive to rent for a very short ride. My mother would always say that next time she would bring money for that, and over and over she would say "next time, next time"... Years passed by and when I was already a teenager, once she finally asked: - Hey, look! A mini jeep, would you like to ride it? Which I answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world: - Of course not. Me on my age in a kids toy? Really? Mom, my legs would not even fit anymore! Instead of saying "no" to a kid, just say "another day" and you will avoid lots of conflicts. The same can be used to all of our desires, instead of looking at things you wish you had or could buy emphasizing to yourself that you cannot right now, change the focus for what you can right now and for what you have achieved so far. Also consider that buying little things by impulse put you away from affording more expensive stuff. Learn how to say to yourself "tomorrow maybe", "we come back tomorrow", "I'll think about it" and you get time to realize that you can live with much less than you really think you need. You can even refuse dinner and party invitations by saying "I am working on my Empire tonight and tomorrow morning" your friends maybe will think you are crazy, but at least it works better for our mindset than saying "I don't have money" or "I cannot spend money".

5) Fly when Dieting. Nothing better than the first day of a new diet plan, every single client I have is always fully motivated in the beginning, and then when the reality finally hits and the body understands that there is a energy intake (calories) change going on, problem arises in a rate of almost 80% lack of consistency. The Zero Carb Eater turns into a Lasagna Serial Killer. The Vegan, a voracious Walking Dead Zombie. The Getting Big Like Hulk Project becomes My Toothpick Body Experience. So, in order to fly in any diet, you must stick to it and be consistent. Finding out prior to dieting why you are doing it, for how long, what you will eat, what your goal is, why you have this goal, if the diet chosen is approachable for who you are and your body composition, all of that makes flying easier, for that, seek the help of a professional and save time. Once this is done, simply fly, felt like eating something extra or which is not there in plan? Simply fly! Drink water, change the focus to other activity not eating, sleep. Fly to the results in the end of the Rainbow, be nice, and you may even find a Unicorn.

Keep Strong. And Flying.