High Intensity Training Feels Like Torture (But I Will Keep Doing It)

Alright! So here comes the Muscle Lady boasting of her daily two hours and a half in the gym, she gets to do the treadmill, the machines, watch a movie while going crazy in the stairs simulator, talk to the trainers, listen to every single song composed by David Guetta so far, abs class, step class, bike class, makeup class, 30 minutes getting the perfect selfie for Instagram and now she is going home tired. Okay, she is looking awesome, no doubt about it, but hello, is it the way to go? Locking yourself in a gym or a box (crossfitters also) to get the stimuli we should be naturally getting out there in the world?!

Truly, working out is one of my favorite activities, but so, if we are really going to do it, let's make sure that we are getting the best quality of every single minute, instead of worrying too much about the quantity. People usually blame the lack of time for being out of their desired shape, but look the way it is if I ask you to choose one from the two options below:

1) Jog for 30 minutes in a moderate to high pace.
2) Run upstairs as fast as possible, going from the Lobby to the 10th floor. 3 rounds of that, use the elevator to go back down and rest for 3 minutes between sets.

Both options are excellent, and in fact I just gave you two different training days for free that you can perform alternately from now on without even stepping at the high tech gym on the corner.

Still, considering time working out, most of us could be much more efficient and effective in producing desired results by decreasing the number of repetitions, sets and length of our workouts.

Instead of long and mild workouts, we should be performing more High Intensity Training which consists of shorter, heavier and more explosive workouts. Here are the mains benefits of this kind of training:

1) High Intensity Training is Efficient. Go there, do it, leave the gym and be happy! The freaking "upstairs" workout above should take less than 20 minutes including the rest time. It is evidence based that High-Intensity Training can increase as much aerobic capacity as Endurance Training without the disadvantage of muscle loss.

2) High Intensity Training Demands More Energy to Be Performed (Increasing Fat Burning). You not only burn more calories per minute of HIT, but you also increase the demand of energy to repair your body in the 24 hours post exercise.

3) You get a Smiley Heart and Improved Endurance Capacity. Most people are not used to pushing into the anaerobic zone (that sweet moment you can not breath and your heart feels like it is close to pop through your mouth). By training the body's anaerobic energy production systems, we get a stronger heart, lungs and increased ability to perform in endurance activities.

4) Lose Weight, Not muscle. While long hours of cardio seem to encourage muscle loss, HIT helps to preserve hard-earned muscles and guarantees that most of the energy used comes from fat storage.

5) Increased Hormonal Production Which Brings Faster Metabolism. High Intensity Training increases the production of different hormones including HGH (Human Growth Hormone). HGH increases caloric burn and as a consequence you lose more fat and put on muscle.

6) High Intensity Training is Honestly Challenging. No conditions for Whatsapping, chatting or talking while performing High Intensity Training. You will be working hard the whole time and if there is some break time involved between rounds, I guarantee you won't be using it to do anything which is not to rest for the next set. Perform it right and you will have people wondering if you not preparing yourself for some kind of Zombie Apocalypse.

Any workout may be translated into a High Intensity workout. A bodybuilder may do it by working out with super sets; a runner by performing sprints; a boxer by fighting for rounds; I am favorable to keeping it as functional and varied as possible, in such way that the benefits of doing it can be better translated into any of our daily activities. For exercises, I suggest:  variations of squats, deadlifts, lunges, kettebell swings, get-ups, burpees, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, leg raises, hanging from the bar exercises, rowing, running, swimming, cycling, climbing, punching, kicking, skipping, jumping, etc... Millions are the options! Play around, but make sure once you finish, you spare sometime to go out there and live!

Keep Strong. And Increase the Intensity.