Leaving the Hard Gainer Excuses Behind (A Basic Guide to Lean Bulking)

This article is dedicated for those who have difficulty gaining weight, the so-called hard gainers. I refer to those people who eat "a lot"; make use of weight gainers, creatine, protein; They eat everything as much as they want; sometimes they don't even exercise, and still, after so much effort, the only results they get is an extra pound or two of body weight, a bloated belly and some unnecessary visits to the bathroom.

The hard gainer hits the gym to gain muscle mass, but then he faces two different scenarios:

1) Accept jokes that ridicule his skinny appearance every time he posts a picture of his biceps, a new motivational workout tee, the workout he just finished and so on.

2) Receive and follow tips and advice from friends, coaches, family, television, internet, magazines, the wise clerk from the supplements store, nutritionists, but without never achieving the results they want.

So instead of complicating it even more, I would like to give you some positive hints that if used consistently will bring you excellent results:

1) Eat every three hours, so that you can eat more food, and thus more calories and nutrients than your current body needs to survive.

2) Include the use of milk, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, yams, beans. They are slow digesting carbohydrates which are full of nutrients and calories.

3) Eat lean protein with every meal (egg whites, chicken breast, beef, pork, fish, whey). By doing so, you enter a positive nitrogen balance, enabling an increase in lean mass.

4) Eat more good fats (peanut butter, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, canola and extra virgin olive oil, fish oil or molecular distilled omega 3) as they are dense in calories and help in various body functions including hormone production and body recovery.

5) Perform high intensity complex weight training (deadlift, press, squat, pull) in order to achieve greater nervous  and endocrine adaptation (increased production of hormones like testosterone and Human Growth Hormone) and hypertrophy.

6) Let the fast-digesting carbohydrates to be consumed right after the workout (honey, bread, cake, granola, maple syrup, ice-cream), when the body is more sensitive to insulin and sugar intake. This will aid on muscle recovery and reconstruction.

7) Drink milk (unless you unfortunately experience some kind of intolerance), and supplement (optional) with a weight gainer, BCAA's, creatine, glutamine, whey, maltodextrin and dextrose.
Please, note that at Nilogia Fitness, I have never suggested a specific diet or training plan, this is because I believe that we are all individuals, so we have varied daily energy needs (caloric expenditure) that depend on a personalized strategy. So, for those who are serious about results and do not hold much knowledge in the area, I suggest seeking for the assistance of a professional in order to achieve smarter gains, or... Hold on excuses without never getting there. Keep Strong! And Monster Up.