The Booze Saga - A Survival Guide for the Alcohol Lovers

I must admit that I was a heavy drinker by the age of eighteen, then it got boring, dull, I came to the conclusion that the dis-inhibition caused by alcohol was no longer worth the consequences. I realized booze was an opportunity to become lazy towards facing my own insecurities when sober, and that's how I lost my interest for alcoholic beverages.

Keep in mind though, that I do believe there are those who drink for pleasure and enjoyment, even without drinking as much as in the past I still enjoy the taste of strong spirits, pints of dark beer and glasses of red wine. On the other hand, in times of recession, I prefer investing in other pleasures (peanut butter). You are free to decide for yourself.

Still, I like being realistic, three paragraphs are gone, and by now you are probably wondering if the Fitness linked to Nilogia is really inherent to the universe of this article. It turns out that as a personal trainer, looking at Fitness from a biological point of view, I believe it refers to the ability of the living organism to survive and operate in any presented situation or environment, including episodes when the workout of the day involves spirits, bottles and shots of all sorts and tastes.

The ones who inspired me to write this article are those who never turn down for big parties, those who wake up in the most unexpected places, the real masters in exchanging day for night. After all, the purpose of Nilogia Fitness is not to be an exclusive website for boys and girls in shape, super committed to training and dieting, but an inclusive space for all, where even the consumption of alcoholic beverages can been adapted towards better results (or at least less damage).

Are You Lazy for  Reading? So Start From Here! Everything you Need to Know About Alcohol:

1) The body understands alcohol as a toxin; the liver tries to detoxify as quickly as possible and by doing so your metabolism slows down, that explains the extreme weakness experienced after drinking episodes. Alcohol works more as a fat loss suppressor than a fat storage stimulant.

2) More than intoxicating, excessive drinking slows down protein synthesis and post-workout recovery. It might even work as an aid for helping individuals on falling asleep or temporarily serve as a muscle relaxant, but nothing special that you would not be able to get from the use of herbal teas, a good bath, rest and proper nutrition.

3) The negative effects of alcohol may vary depending on what you drink and eat.

4) Constantly eating more calories than your body needs, no matter what you choose to eat, this is what makes you fat.

And Here Some Useful Tips for Those Days You Opt for Drinking:

1) On the day you plan on drinking alcohol, as well as on the day after, cut the consumption of processed fats and carbohydrates. Limit carbohydrates to fruits, green leaves, vegetables and eliminate grains, starches, juices, candies, sweets, cookies, sugar, bread, pasta and cheese in general. This way you will not only decrease your caloric intake, but also allow a greater intake of whole food nutrients, while avoiding excessive sugar in your blood which could lead to extra fat storage (the famous "human bacon").

Breakfast: egg whites and grilled tomatoes.
Lunch and Dinner: green leaves, vegetables, grilled meat, fish or chicken.

2) Drink pure shots and distilled spirits (tequila, vodka, whisky, sake), red dry wines (less carbs) and do not mix them with anything else. Stay away from juices, soft drinks, condensed milk, sugar, syrups, energy drinks and cream. If you need some taste, mix a citric fruit, but nothing extra should be included. Some would opt for sugar free mixer options, but I do not recommend them, as many studies indicate that artificial sweeteners may contribute to diseases like Cancer and Alzheimer's, as well as they might stimulate excessive consumption due to the taste. By drinking pure spirits, we help our bodies to prioritize alcohol metabolism and its elimination as soon as possible, instead of metabolizing other sources of dietary carbohydrates and fats.

3) Limit yourself to only one drink per hour and alternate it with plenty of water. Among other ills, the high presence of alcohol in the blood leads to the effects of drunkenness, it affects the nervous system and slows down detoxification. This suggestion not only prevents the unwanted accumulation of macronutrients into body fat, as well as it serves as an aid to your Financial Fitness (the one regarding to the money in your pocket).

4) If you eat, do not drink. If you drink, do not eat. Create a favorable situation in which alcohol is eliminated as quickly as possible. Get a Plan of Attack! If you plan on drinking by the night time, prepare yourself during the day and once for all, get ready for the "devouring spirit" that might take control over your body in the first hours and days after drinking. I've worked with girls who report episodes in which they need to beg their friends for not allowing them to eat after big parties, due to the fact that even the most centered of all had at least once felt driven to devour unbelievable amounts of junkie food that many sober men would refuse. The same is valid for the big guys out there, they drink and get way too cocky, come back from war really hungry, destroy all they can find in the pantry and then hit hard on the gym, as if it were possible to magically convert the bad choice all in muscles.

5) Avoid Beer. This is a rich carbohydrate choice that should rather be avoided. By drinking beer you must deal with unnecessary consumption of calories and carbohydrates which might be stored as extra body fat. It turns out that it is not beer the responsible for the beer belly, but the way our bodies metabolize it that tends to contribute for the undesired changes in our body composition.

6) Do not Drink Alcohol for its Possible Health Benefits. Resveratrol? Barley? Antioxidants? For each X research there will be a Y research proving exactly the opposite, this is all about marketing! There are other healthier sources of Resveratrol, barley, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than alcoholic beverages.

Keep Strong. And Sober Please.