Always Uncomfortable (Part 1 of 3)

Nilogia Fitness brings together simple strategies to enhance the development of our physical fitness, health and ability to handle the most common situations of life, all of that from a chilled and minimalist point of view.

Nilogia's foundation is simple: Put apart what works from everything else that might compromise our safety, effectiveness and efficiency.

Considering we are getting closer to the end of the year celebrations and festivities, and the excuses that we use to to let it go from good nutrition, savings and intellectual development habits, we will be starting the "Always Uncomfortable" Series:

How many times have you heard about the comfort zone? That moment you find yourself stagnant, following an automatic flow, letting yourself go from your creativity and goals. Leaving with a husband you do not love any longer, working in an office you don't like, dating a girl you know is worthless, or carrying that belly you have been feeding over the last 10 years.

I have something to tell you, something I sometimes even find myself too distracted to remember. There is no such thing as comfort zone! Any of the situations described above are already super uncomfortable! Living by no plan is also a plan, like it or not, all your actions will bring a result. So here are some Nilogia tips for you to make the best of your Always Uncomfortable existence:

1) Let go of material possessions. Our body is the only asset that really has no price. We do not need more, but make the most of what we already have. Let it go.
2) Get in shape. Life can be difficult, but nothing better than looking at yourself and feel happy with your shape and wellness. Follow Nilogia's M.E.D.S. sequence (Move Eat Drink Sleep): Move whenever possible; Eat unprocessed foods and just enough; drink a liter of water for every twenty kilos of body weight and get enough sleep (6-10 hours depending on your biological needs).
3) Focus on the present. This is where life happens. Welcome the present, plan the future, analyze the past, but prioritize this moment, I mean this moment, this moment, now it is this moment...
4) Smile. Even if it is a forced smile, but smile. The act of smiling and laughing stimulates the release of hormones that improve our mood (and the mood of those who live around us).
5) Read. The act of reading stimulates our creativity and tends to be more productive per minute than watching documentaries, films, classes or lectures. Avoid magazines, unfortunately advertisement contributes improperly for its contents.
6) Get out in the sun. And away from me getting into details about vitamin D; sunbathe and note the difference that 15 minutes daily exposure can make to your mood and energy levels. Cancer? The chances of you contracting it without sunshine and sunscreen are as alarming as if you are exposed to small amounts of it daily.
7) Set aside a time of your day to worry. I learned it from a Spanish teacher, the idea is very smart: pre-occupying does not bring results, occupying does so. So take a moment of the day or night to analyze what needs to be done and then occupy yourself with taking actions.
8) Be honest. Honesty is one of the only qualities you have or your do not (this one is for you... Yes, you, I know you are still there).
9) Turn dreams into goals. Dreams are abstract, create goals and expand the chances of turning them into reality.
10) Start your day off right. Is the class at 7? Arrive at 7 and make it easier having a day free of delays. Soda in the morning, waking up by the ALARM; Skipping breakfast and binging on junkie food, those 30 useless minutes watching the morning tv news definitely do not contribute to a positive day.

Keep Strong. Nilo Lima.