Why Did the Chicken Cross the Street? A Sequel to Our Never Ending Journey

She was going to the gym, the little chick did so planning to kill any remaining sign of inertia, and by doing so she felt "chickier" than ever (pardon me if it does not make sense at all). Jokes and feathers apart, truth is that our bodies were not made to stand still, nor to accept the mediocrity of our sedentary existence. The body represents our core, and even if it is merely illustrative, it is the only property that is ours to do whatever we want, but let's face it, with a shitty or not so shitty reality, everyone loves life, after all, if it wasn't true I am pretty sure that the number of suicidals would be at least similar to the number of perfect life photo sharing Instagram accounts. Based on that, I invite you to take good care of your physical well-being so that you can also enjoy the best of your life.

Some lift weights and plates for pleasure, others use exercising to get rid of daily stress, some do it thinking purely on aesthetics, while there is also those who strenuously exercise without even being aware of the amount of exercise they accomplish during labor hours (construction workers, bakers and farmers), but fact is that in the end the motivation for so much working out does not matter, the important thing is to keep moving!

So come over and let's do it. You can as long as you believe you can, and if by any chance the load does not move, breath, and start all over again, this is a constant self challenging activity.

And the best of all, if by any chance Nilogia is not enough to convince you, remember that there are piles of ​​scientific evidence to prove that resistance training helps in body recomposition, building denser bones, healthier hearts and more intense sexual life (bad for your neighbors, as well as to your exes), among other benefits.

Keep Strong, Lifting 2016 and Please Wait Until the Chick Cross All the Way Over.