Pre-Workout Supplements: Throwing Money Down the Toilet #3

If you really like Fitness, you probably heard about them before. They are there with a separate shelf in every single supplement store you hit, the famous pre-workout drinks and formulas. With bottles bringing every possible different claim about their benefits; as well as promoted by fitness models boasting perfect abs and huge arms, while making all kinds of different furious faces to help us on choosing which one is going to help us kick ass faster.

Looking at Fitness as our ability to work beyond any given task or scenario, whenever I publish a new article in Nilogia, I do it thinking in all possible ways we can increase our Fitness levels, including our performance on what I've been calling as Financial Fitness.

Supplements tend to be overpriced and rarely offer tangible benefits, and it was thinking about it that some months ago we offered you the free article "5 Fitness Supplements That Are "Really" Proved to Work", which you can read by clicking here.

On my first two years working as a personal trainer onboard cruiseships I must have spent roughly $600 a year on this "get the pump" formulas and then, fortunately, by reading and learning from other professionals, I came to realize that among all the several brands I've tried, most pre-workouts are made by mixing a long list of ingredients with names really hard to pronounce, with few of them being scientifically proven to have their merits. After creating a new pre-workout formula, you just need to pick the right name, launch the right campaign and make sure you did not miss some cheap already known ingredient on that to give the all wanted adrenaline boost before exercising, which in most of the cases ends up being CAFFEINE.

So, if you are up to an extra feeling of focus and energy before hitting the weights, why not skipping the dodgy formulas and making your own?

SOLUTION: Buy the ingredients as suggested below and get even stronger effects than most of the "get jacked" formulas out there:

Caffeine (100-200 mg)

Proved to improve focus and blunt pain response, making you feel more energetic and able to push harder before feeling tired.

Creatine (5 g)

Scientific data is very consistent in showing that supplementing with creatine helps on increasing muscle mass and improving strength on workouts composed of short bursts of energy as when powerlifting or sprinting.

Beta-Alanine (4 g)

If you have ever taken a pre-workout drink, this is the one that makes your skin tingles. Beta-alanine seems to help improving endurance in sports.

Keep Strong. And Train, Even Without Supplements.