6 Post Workout Habits That Destroy Any Physical Activity

You have just given everything you could to finish these nasty thirty minutes of intense exercise. If months ago, you would go running as if you were going for a walk in the park, nowadays you follow a routine that could make anyone think you are trying to run away from a horde of Jedi zombies; if before you would lift some light dumbbells and attempt some random number of pull-ups, now you are so driven, that someone might think you are trying to lift the whole planet before it falls right on the top of the iPhone 6 that you have just bought some weeks ago.

You did everything right! You had a perfect night of sleep, you took care of eating for performance, but then for some unknown reason, the results seem to stagnate! Have you ever felt like that? Although the reasons may be many, below you will find 6 Post Workout Habits That Destroy Any Physical Activity:

1) Not Drinking Enough Water. Sweating a lot during exercise does not mean losing more or less weight, but it definitely has an impact on your performance during training, as well as during the recovery process after exercise. Drink at least 500 ml of water per hour of activity. Strive for drinking 1 liter of water per 20 kg of body weight daily.

2) Not Eating Carbohydrates And Proteins After The Activity. A balanced meal will help you recover muscle energy faster and avoid that sudden desire to eat junk and sweets.

3) Not Cooling Down. Through stretching, a few minutes of light activity, foam rollers and lacrosse balls, you decrease your heart rate smoothly, reduce the risk of feeling unnecessary soreness, and enhance your flexibility.

4) Not Knowing When Your Next Workout Will Be. What would be the purpose of playing Rambo or Ronda Rousey in today's session, if you haven't planned your next yet? Weekend athletes have more chances of sudden heart attacks, as well as increased risk of damaging their joints.

5) Not Enjoying What You're Doing. I hate every repetition of my training! However, there is a difference between expressing yourself like that, because you are crazy for challenges, heavy weights and feeling fatigued when it comes to exercise, and expressing yourself like that, because you really mean you do not like the activity you are doing. It is very difficult to find consistency in physical activities when we don't enjoy the chosen type of exercise.

6) Cheating On Repetitions And Not Caring About Exercise Good Form . You will miss not only the chance to track your progress accurately, but you will also increase the possibility for injuries that can put you out of any activity you enjoy for a long time. So, think twice before putting that extra weight in the barbell.

Keep Strong. And Improve Your Habits.