A Baby Story That Everybody Must Read

This is a definitely a baby story that every adult should read. It is about babies and what we consider alright giving them to eat. It is about a world full of vitamin enriched, fat free, now with more calcium branded products.

Still, here is the deal, most of this friendly "food" represent choices and behaviors that are going to be part of our next generations daily lives. Parents, friends, relatives, neighbors, and mainly grandparents (as there are so many willing to spoil their beloved grandchildren) should all be aware that giving babies sugary drinks or any random salty food we might enjoy is actually molding our kids perception of what tastes good... And what tastes abnormally good!

It is not about just a little bit of ice cream or chocolate milk, it is about sending to the little ones the first signals that unnaturaly tasty-colorful -creamy-crunchy nutrition is a thousand times more pleasant than any carrot stick.

Food Industry seems to be here not only to make food last longer, as well as to make it more profitable. In order to do so, they are studying and improving ingredients in such way that we consumers, and our children (future slaves, sorry, I mean, future consumers) start eating and wishing to have more and more of whatever it is.

So, Industry is not only changing, but also educating us on what we should eat. It is being done through advertising directly, but mostly we have been passive to this education.

It all happened in our first years of life experience: when we started matching Sundays with Ice-creams, Birthdays with Cakes, Easter with Chocolate, Christmas with Ginger Bread, and of course Burgers with Clowns.

And even though, prohibition would never be and probably never was a solution to keep someone away from trying all this "goods", adults definitely play a big role on motivating boys and girls in the journey for a less processed, more back to basics whole food diet.

So, as it is so difficult finding out what is junkie and what is not, we should do the best to keep the diet around real food ingredients. Close your eyes and imagine that you were sent a thousand years back in time, now consider what you  see the kids eating and what have been eating: Would you be able to catch it? Kill it? Clean it? Store it? Would it be something that would exist in your country? Would you be able to plant it? If you would not, consider that it is not only you, but also our babies that should be taught how to keep most of the time away from this food choices.

If the food package says it has more than one ingredient, it does not matter how organic it is, please do not use it to feed babies who have not even learnt how to say f*ck off yet.

The day will come when they should be allowed to decide by themselves if they will live on pizza and soft drinks, or choose healthier  options for most of the time. But while it is under our responsibility, we should do our best to nourish them instead of exposing them to industrialized products and "fake feeding". And most of all:

Kids are always using their parents as role models, learning and strengthening their atitudes and behaviors based not only on what we may consider good for them, but also on what could be hazardous to their well-being.

Keep Strong. And Lead by Example.