Learn Which Diet Is The Best For You

The one that fits your needs. The one that is real to yourself. That one that allows you to eat what you like and still feel confident about your physical body.  It does so because you are beautiful and you always feel like that, it does so because food doesn't control you and you just eat when you truly know that you should be eating.

Unfortunately, reality might be a little different sometimes, we are bombarded by all kinds of different propaganda, amazing tastes, recipes and options that together play a big role in stimulating our desire to eat, making our need for food go straight beyond the limits of biological hunger.

With that, we might catch ourselves hopping around blogs like this, trying to find a perfect diet that suits ourselves. Some strategy for eating that can melt in a few weeks those long lasting belly extra pounds, or helping us on getting some muscle mass quickly.

You will find all kinds of different terms and protocols for limiting what in fact is a natural instinct, and for sadder it might be, unless we really adopt some kind of tracking for our food choices and quantity, it does seem that just letting it go and eating how we feel may cause undesired body recomposition, including the accumulation of new and unnecessary fat tissue, which could lead to serious health problems.

The first smart suggestion, would be exactly consulting a nutritionist in order to get some advises on how to fix or improve what you have already been doing, but then, of course, it is indeed possible getting the best of most of the diets out there all together, and that is exactly what I would like to propose you today: Eat real Food. 

Food items nowadays are mostly made of genetically modified ingredients, filled with preservatives and additives.

If there is plastic around it, or an expiration date standing for more than 3 days from now, consider not buying it. Give preference to veggies, legumes, greens and perishable items.

If it was made in a machine, avoid it. I do like cookies and ice cream, but I am aware that by choosing them I am eating unnecessary amounts of extra calories per gram, swallowing some flavor enhancers and colors that will just make me more and more addicted to them day by day.

If the ingredient name reminds you of the robots in Star Wars Series or a word from the Merriam Webster Basic Plutonian Dictionary, choose something else.

If the choice is made of foods you could raise, plant, catch or kill without the need of your mommy, chances are you are getting there.

If you can't picture people eating it centuries ago, avoid it.

As far as you start making small changes here and there, you will get closer to a diet richer in nutrients, less caloric, and lower in refined salt and sugar.

Here is what your menu could look like for MOST of the time:

Breakfast: eggs, oats, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, tomatoes, broccoli, almonds and various kinds of nuts and seeds

Lunch and Dinner: eggplant, zucchini, brown rice, beans, sweet potatoes, salad, kale, broccoli, lean cuts of meat, chicken, fish with any unnecessary visible fat removed, extra virgin olive oil, coconut and various kinds of nuts and seeds

Snacks: one fruit here and there, some chopped veggies, some extra nuts or peanut butter

And of course, add some of your favorite processed foods once in a while, but chances are that sticking to this choices, you will come to realize that in fact you don't even care for some of the things you have been eating.

Keep Strong. Keep Improving.