Cosmetics: An Alien Invasion That We Should Better Stop

For the sake of wellness, please answer: Who are you? Regardless of your answer it is interesting to note that the body of an adult is 60% water.

Much different than Taina, a young tupi-guarani native girl who bathes in pure river water after returning from her daily insane workouts, we seem to forget this important detail:

Earth, Calling Earth, WARNING: this substance you are about to put on your skin may not be the best option.

Every day, from the first rays of sunlight to the last, we expose ourselves to the use of alien substances (and unfortunately I do not mean kryptonite): toothpaste, shaving cream, aftershave, shampoo and conditioner, combing cream, perfumes, deodorant, lotions, makeup, sunscreen, creams to relieve pain or muscle tension, skin products, mouthwashes, they all have ingredients that we should avoid if our goal is better health and well-being, and overall fitness improvement.

You probably have heard about it already, but just as we can not eat these substances (just FYI shampoo is bitter and conditioner tends heartburn if ingested), in fact we should not put them on our skin, as we breathe through it. By doing so, we increase the concentration of this odd substances in our blood and tissues.

Although they are all legalized and considered to be safe, a quick research is enough to warn us that most of these strange components found on the labels of our favorite brands, when consumed in large quantities can cause the breakthrough of diseases and symptoms such as : Alzheimer's disease, hair loss, low production or unnecessary increase in the production of certain hormones, skin dryness, increased joint inflammation, dependency, impaired concentration, depression, fluid retention and proliferation of cancer cells. Next you will find three common products and its main suspicious ingredients, as well as the problems that they can cause if used for years uninterruptedly:

Toothpaste, Fluoride and Silica. As to fluoride, I will let it up to the reader to decide, the same way there is evidence suggesting the benefits of fluoride in making our teeth stronger, the excessive concentration of the same substance can not only generate completely opposite effect, as well as poisoning and damage to our nervous system. Now, regarding to silica, well, this is the same substance present inside those anti-mold packets, which also come often labeled with capital letters saying: DO NOT EAT. Yes that's it, but anyway, day after day we are educated to put it inside our mouths... Do I need to say that it can kill you?!

Deodorants and Aluminum Based Ingredients. We sweat in order to auto-regulate body temperature whilst also being able to release toxins and metabolism byproducts through sweat. The aluminum based ingredients, present in our antiperspirants and deodorants, block the pores in our armpits. So here is one more question to you: Where do these toxins go?! Wonderland?! The buildup of this and other substances in the human body is related to skin irritation, cysts development, nervous system diseases, and the evolution of cancer and Alzheimer's cells.

Shampoo, Conditioner and Parabens. Chemical compounds commonly used as preservatives, mainly in cosmetics, parabens can cause skin allergies and premature aging of the skin. There is also strong evidence that parabens are related to the onset of breast cancer.

The choice of using or not products like these is exclusive yours, but once there are more natural alternatives, it seems wise not consuming chemicals that can possibly cause health problems.

For the last five years, I've been using mostly homemade or chemical-free cosmetics, free of animal testing, mostly made with all natural or organic ingredients: Toothpaste, natural mouthwash and dental whitener (coconut oil), hair gel (chia), shampoo and conditioner, deodorant and lip balm. I still have healthy teeth, I feel my skin is more hydrated, my hair is stronger and shinier (as somebody taught me the benefits of not washing it everyday) and I am sure that regardless of Science being able to prove that all these modern cosmetics do no harm, we must go back to the basics and strive to get closer to a more Sustainable and Environment-friendly existence.

Keep Strong. And Stop The Alien Swarm.