6 Ways to Chilling Out Like a Pro

Do you know that kind of people that whatever it happens they are still able to keep smiling? Godzilla could be knocking on their doors right now with a bunch of bills to be paid, and even though it could possibly change a little bit their moods, they still would be able to gently open the door and kick the giant reptile's ass.

Some of us could say, that people of this kind does not exist, that in fact, nobody is able to deal with problems so swiftly as we see in the self help books or blogs like this.

The point is that none of this authors truly claim being able to live a 100% consistent to their beliefs, still, if we are able to digest at least 1 gram of this giant cake of wisdom in our own lives, we are still creating a 100% different result, which then makes it totally worth trying some changes here and there.

So get up right now and learn 6 Ways to Chilling Out Like a Pro:

1) Focus on Breathing. This strategy, wisely used by Navy SEALS as well as recommend by authors like Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle will stop the "what ifs" and bring you back to now, the present moment. Due to the presence of the prefrontal cortex in our brains, we tend to "catastrophize" things before they happen. Learn more about this in books like Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers and Hardwiring Your Happiness.

2) Prioritize Appointments With Your Bed & Pillows. "Sorry Boss, I know you need this reports for tomorrow asap, but I sincerely have more important things to do". Even though it might seem wise giving up on bed time, there is nothing good to take out from this decision. Despite of putting effort on sleeping more hours in the first possible opportunity, you still will deal with unbalanced hormones, high levels of stress, strange desire for junk food and and a long-term look-how-adult-I-am stupid attitude.

3) Arrange and Schedule Your Meals. You know that belly fat is everywhere, you are aware of all the chronicle diseases killing more than any sniper in the world, so there is no reason for not knowing at least what you will be eating. Nothing more horrendous, than after a hard day giving up to the weak desire of eating trash food. Your body when starving will always ask for easy digesting food, like sugars, cookies, alcohol, pizza, burgers and all kind of processed treats. So, put some effort to prepare your meals once a week or at least plan what you will be eating.

4) Give a Break to So Much Caffeine. At the same time that a cup of coffee is able to increase our focus and improve our mood, it also over stress our adrenal glands which could cause anger, headaches and poor sleeping. The same drink that you are using today as an advantage, could become a problem for tomorrow.

5) Turn the Volume Down. We already tend to live in highly populated areas, which then exposes us to excessive noise coming from everywhere: from cars to televisions, radios, planes, music, people talking and arguing, kids, dogs, cats, elephants  (I don't doubt), etc. So whenever possible, stop being noise dependent. The same way music can be beneficial to our thoughts, a few hours of silence are worth for a better mood. Turn of the TV and radio when eating, get your hands of the phone in specific times, learn going to bed without electronical devices on.

6) Be Silly. Bombs being dropped, global warming, politics, conflicts, slavery still exists, animals are being tortured, war, war, war, racism... Stop! Yes, we must take part in changing it, but just watching the news and spitting your point of view on the table does not sort this things out. So, I wish that every day when you get up, you take time to be grateful for being probably safe from almost all of that, do what is in your reach to make the world a better place, but don't waste your time simply worrying about everything. Find then some time to be silly as well! Laugh with the ones you love, watch some funny videos, or some really dumb comedy movies, do whatever it takes to get some laughter going on. 

Keep Strong. And Chill Out.