5 Steps to Living/Training Hard & Injury Free

"Take it easy" is not necessarily an expression that should fit when we talk about working out and getting desired results, but this does not mean, that you should not prepare yourself day by day before going crazy in the weight room or next workout of the day. So here we go with 5 Steps to Living/Training Injury Free:

1) Stop Stretching Before Training. There are strong evidences pointing out that static stretching prior to activities has a negative impact on Strength. For the start of your session, focus on dynamic stretching as well as body weight multi functional exercises.

2) Post Warming Up, Focus on Specific Preparation Movements. Consider the main muscle groups or exercises involved in today's session and work them up by applying different variations and not so heavy loads, altering also the range of motion. This increases blood flow, as well as get your joints more lubricated.

3) Static Stretch Post Working Out. Yes! Now that's perfect time to do it. Your muscles are already warm, but still it doesn't mean you should play the ballet dancer. Static stretching seems to decrease DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) while aiding on a faster recovery as well.

4) Roll and Roll. While it is kind of weird observing someone using a foam roller or any self massage roller, by doing so we help to rejuvenate our muscles by improving circulation and releasing points of pressure.

5) Rest. It is exactly between training sessions that our muscles get the chance to grow stronger, as well as our bones, nervous and cardiovascular system. Sleeping and eating nutritiously is essential.

Keep Strong. Challenge Your Body, But No Need to Annihilate It.