Personal Train Your Belly & Get Rid of Fat

Hello, today I am going to teach you how to Personal Train Your Belly & Get Rid of Fat. Please, consider scheduling a nutrition consult with the professional of your choice in case you suffer of some kind of food intolerance, chronic disease or also, for a more personalized and unique strategy.

1) Stop Overdoing Crunches If You Are Overweight. Overdoing it exerts extra pressure on your spine overstretch back muscles. If you do biceps curls, your arms get bigger or smaller? If you squat frequently, your legs get bigger or smaller? Now, if you workout your belly, why should it get smaller? Think with me, your abdomen will start getting developed, but it will keep hidden underneath stubborn fat and water retention. FAT and WATER RETENTION! But where this undesired combination is coming from? From food! So the main personal training starts in the kitchen!

2) Eat A Plant Based Unprocessed (and Varied) Diet. I stick to what is not in parentheses. Even though Science points out the benefits of eating a little bit of everything available, it does not end being functional. Count how many food items you eat 80% of the time and you will realize that healthy or not, the list is not much more that 30 ingredients.

3) Eat to Lose Weight. Now, that we got to eat real food, you must eat  a little bit less than your body needs. I suggest keeping it around 25% less of you usually eat, or around 500 calories less. By doing so, you will start burning of fat (extra energy you have accumulated over the years) to keep the body functioning properly. You can either cut a quarter of everything you eat, or use a calorie tracking app to help you as My Fitness Pal.

4) Train With Weights. Yes, you must exercise, but focusing too much on aerobics like running, spinning, dancing will mostly teach your body how to keep using oxygen more efficiently, whilst not burning fat tissue to the maximum rate. On the other hand, by intense weight training you teach your body how to develop stronger bones, deplete fat reserves in a faster way during the recovery, as well as it gets you looking more toned, once fat tissue starts dropping and muscle fibers start changing.

5) Stick to a Plan. Unless you are already pretty lean, there is not much to see after a few days. Aim to lose 1 pound per week and I guarantee it will be much easier sticking to the new habits as well as keeping the weight off.

6) Invest On a Good Multivitamin. As you will be eating less calories than you usually would, and also due to the challenge repeating similar menus every day, a multivitamin is helpful.

Keep Strong. And Stop Feeding on Excuses.