Protein For Breakfast & Why You Should Eat Some Egg Yolks

One of the smartest ways to start your day full of energy is exactly eating some protein (the word is derived from Greek, meaning "primary", "in the lead", or "standing in front").

By doing so you avoid the chances of feeling sugar cravings and feel satiated for longer.

Even though there are many options of vegan protein including (beans, lentils, humus, etc.), eggs are awesome for all the omnivorous friends, sedentary or really physically active ones.

And when we refer to eating eggs, I mean the whole egg, preferably organic, as the yolks contain most of the nutrients, including vitamin D.

Even though egg whites are amazing, pure protein, zero fat, very low in calories, and zero cholesterol, the yolks are not only golden, they are pure gold.

The yolk itself has about 3 grams of protein, almost half of the protein found in an entire egg.

It is true, that the yolk is also where all of the cholesterol (about 185 mg) is found, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't eat them if you are healthy, after all dietary cholesterol has been proved to have low impact on our blood cholesterol, as about 75% of it is produced and regulated by our own bodies independent if we eat lots of cholesterol or not. Definitely, staying lean, being active and eating an unprocessed plant based nutrient dense diet helps a lot as well.

Keep Strong. And Eat Yolks.