October Against Cancer: Saying No to Pokémon Food

There I am, waiting for my turn in the supermarket line, the counter asks the client in front of her if she would like a receipt. The client says no, but she has no time to look at the counter as she is striving to control a six to seven years old hyperactive boy, probably her son.

And there she goes with her grocery: two packs of lactose free milk, some packs of whole wheat cookies, a few boxes of sugar free 100% natural juices, vitamin enriched chocolate milk, cheese, sugar free happy kids yogurt, bread, and a few packets of my favorite chocolate bar, probably for the days when the boy behave and pretend to be a good kid.

I still can see her leaving by the time I stare at my basket loaded with a few pounds of broccoli and chicken breasts; I feel good, kind of superior for a few seconds, but then I get back to my feet and remember something that I believe and even the oldest of the books teaches us, summarizing it would be something like:

"Let not the one who eats despise the one who abstains, and let not the one who abstains pass judgment on the one who eats, for God has welcomed him. (Romans 14:3)"

But really? Even if it doesn't make us better than the others, where are we going with all these choices?

Dear parents out there? Would you offer soda to your pets? So please, why do you keep feeding your children with junk? Even better, why do we accept eating so many ingredients, and colors and flavors that we don't even know from where they come or what they really are made of?

Would it be an unconscious choice? Lack of information? Because if it is, here we go:

The act of frequently eating "ingredients" instead of real food daily, in every possible meal, no stop, is bad for your health! Yes! For your health, for the environment, even for your pockets, because all these engineered to taste good choices are indeed expensive, when you compare them to some veggies and beans (thumbs up even to vegetarians and vegans).

This is the portrait of a society that has heard at least once in life "you are what you eat", but has no time to realize that the majority does not recognize not even a third of the food they put in their mouths every single day.

If you made until here, I kindly ask that you help me sharing this article and think about those you lost or those who could be in better health conditions if they had had the time to realize that maybe it would be worth getting back to the basics in many behaviors that we claim to be part of evolution.

Just to summarize this call:

1) Eat More Real Food. You don't need to cut down on pizza, cake and ice cream, but indeed get closer to non industrialized food.

2) If There Is a Label and Nutritional Facts Table It Is a Monster. And it is not a Pokémon. Great portion of the processed food we consume comes actually from daily use food items and not from those we use in our cheat meals here and there, this list includes bread, juices, sauces, etc.

Keep Strong. And Think With Your Brain, Not With Your Belly.

*Nilo Lima, the writer and founder of Nilogia Fitness is a 28 years old personal trainer who believes that improved fitness must reflect in increased performance across any given task or environment, including the pleasure of eating pizza, ice cream, cookies and cakes as a master here and there.