4 Not So Sugar Free Foods That You Are Probably Not Aware Of

I've just come back from the grocery and it has been a while since I stopped to realize that almost everything on the shelves pack some kind of sugar. And before you think this article is here to inform the possible hazards of eating too much of it, the subject is quite simple: we are mostly unaware of the real amount of added sugar we eat on a daily basis.

1. Flavored Or Fake Greek Yogurt

Unless it is real Greek yogurt, as we talked about in a previous article, most of the brands out there are only interested in generating profits. By adding sugar to their formulas, as well as illustrating their packages with "fat-free", "all natural sweeteners" messages, they tend to convince you that we are making a good choice.

2. Fruit Juices

Think smart, we are made of water, not juice, soft drinks, or any of the sugary options you might think of. A glass of all natural juice, even if it is homemade, tends to pack more sugar than other "not so healthy" options. The fact of not being processed does not mean that it won't hold a good amount of sugar, even if it is natural.

3. Ketchup

You would probably find it awkward if you saw someone ordering French fries with caramel sauce as a side dish, for that, it is time to learn that two tablespoons of ketchup usually pack one teaspoon of sugar. The same is valid for salad dressings and barbecue sauces.

4. Bacon

Even happy strips of fat, originated from not so happy little friendly animals, are full of sugar, as sugar helps to increase shelf life, as well as it works enhancing the flavor and color of fried bacon. 

Keep Strong. Be Sweet, But Be Conscious.