How Do Successful People Keep Calm?

And here we go with a new article. I mean post. Composition? Oh no! Now, I am in doubt, have we talked about this theme before? And what if our readers don't like it? What if they don't share these thoughts?!

Humans. Incredible beings, but extremely stressed, and even worse if they start thinking about Health. We worry about our number in the scale, the arms getting flabby, the belly getting bigger, the lack of new personal records when training, but we end up not realizing that the only task that we are being really consistent with is exactly... WORRYING.

Based on that, considering we are close the end of the year, and the proximity to that period when we start making new resolutions, Nilogia decided to gather some powerful info on: How Do successful People Keep Calm?

First, we must understand the importance of stress. While there are a bunch of evidences pointing out that overly stressing out causes damage to the area of our brains, which is responsible for self control; some level of stress is necessary to everything, from finding food, to scratching, to drinking water, to moving and of course, creating, producing and training.

Intermittent stress, that kind of stress which comes and goes between leisure, rest and uplifting moments, is might be actually beneficial to the production of brain cells responsible to expand our memory. The opposite, on the other hand, ends up being destructive not only for the same cells, as well as for the entire body.

1) Be Grateful for What You Have. This not only reduces stress, as well as it improves our mood. Be grateful for what you have achieved and not sad for what you did not achieve so far.

2) Get Rid of "What Ifs". Successful people observe, orient, determine and act. More time we spend analyzing possibilities, less time we spend on atitudes by itself.

3) Be Positive. It is not only about thinking positively, after all this is quite easy when we are happy and fine with ourselves. Being positive is about being able to switch our thoughts to something good we are experiencing, even during challenging moments, tragedies and crisis. Focusing on what is alright, even when everything feels off track, helps on finding solutions as we are able see clearer by keeping calm.

4) Turn Off. Once you are off work, get free from cellphones, messengers, emails and business in general. Lear using your free time to be free. You will surely enjoy more you life, training sessions and vacations.

5) Limit Caffeine Intake. Caffeine stimulates the production of adrenaline, which is a crucial hormone as it helps and protects us every time we face any sort of hazard. When we constantly produce adrenaline, we not only decrease our sensitivity to its presence as well as we start producing less of it as we age.

6) Sleep. Successful people sleep and rarely work overtime. Yes! They are kind of egoists, as they literally abandon work when time is up to leave. At the same time, they produce more, as they know by practice, that switching sleeping time for working is not wise on the long run.

Keep Strong. And Be Successful in Training and Life.