3 Ways to Find More Time to Train

Finding time to working out and eating healthy can be very difficult when you just let it go. It is also much easier planning than putting the plan into action. I fortunately gathered some powerful info over the course of the last 10 years, all from the dialogues with coaches and clients, and now I would like to share with you 3 Ways to Find More Time to Train:

1) Pick A Day For Food Prep. I usually choose Sunday, to prepare grilled chicken, marinated stakes ready to be grilled, fish, sweet potatoes, egg whites, pre cut veggies, etc.

2) Stop Saying Yes To Everything. The same way you don't skip days of work to go partying (I suppose not), you should not skip quality time taking care of your Fitness instead of accepting that invitation for another happy hour, another night out, etc. In order to be ready for the world, you must first be ready for yourself.

3) Cut Time Spent On Social Media. My Birthday was a few weeks ago and I literally spent 2 hours reading messages and comments. Was it a bad experience? Of course not, it is amazing realizing how many people like us and are not afraid to drop some kind words in such a special occasion. But what about the other hours we spend watching videos showing cats bumping their heads into walls, dogs who are able to sing, and even black mental roosters. For these reasons, I do recommend you save some time from so much important entertaining. Limit your use to weekends, start using a timer to limit your access to social media apps, whatever you choose, do something.

Keep Strong. And No More Excuses.