Green Tea Benefits & How To Get The Best of Every Cup

Green tea is a cheap and awesome supplement. Today you are going to learn the main Green Tea Benefits And How To Get The Best of Every Cup:

1) It Prevents Aging & Strengthens Our Immunity System. Once it is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, its antioxidant effect reduces the production of free radicals.

2) It Aids On Burning Fat Faster. Even though green tea already contains some caffeine, which also helps on shredding fat away, it is even richer in a weirdly named antioxidant called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which stimulates the body to use more fat cells for energy production, as well as burn more calories per hour.

3) It Prevents Various Types Of Cancer. Mainly Breast, Lungs, Colorectal and Prostate. Several scientific studies show evidence that by taking the simple measurement of 2 cups of tea a day we get up to 180mg of EGCG, which is more than enough to give us some extra protection.

To get the best of every cup of free tea, never buy the ready to drink options as most of its powerful properties will be already gone and oxidized. I will probably be filled with additives and preservatives as well.

Always look for green tea leaves, preferably not pouched, as most brands fill their tea bags with we could almost call powdered tea.

Smaller the tea leaves, more exposed they are to oxidation, so green tea is one of those good items that the benefits always outcome the price you pay.

A teaspoon of green tea leaves per cup is already enough for a Strong and tasteful tea.

In case, you prefer a stronger brew, just by letting the tea sit for a little more in the water is enough to release even more antioxidants and turn it into a darker and stronger drink.

Keep an eye on how you feel after drinking Strong options, as it could meme you feel nauseated do to the high antioxidants content. One of that situations in which more is not necessarily better.

Keep Strong. And Drink Green.