5 Mistakes That You Might Be Doing In Your Training

1) You don’t drink water. Not drinking water is one of the most common mistakes in the fitness world, lots of people have access to the best supplements, and the most bizarre foods, still they don’t do one of the simplest things regarding to fitness. Drink water and try drinking 1 L of water for every 20 kg of body weight.

2) You don’t care about the preliminary stuff. This is very common in the CrossFit community and other gym activities. Lots of trainees and athletes don’t take care of doing auxiliary workouts in training their mobility and flexibility. The lack of this kind of training can result in injuries and less people frequenting our beloved gyms.

3) You never take it easy, Tiger. A third mistake very common in the fitness community is trying to do exercises that you are still not ready to be doing. You’re trying to do more then your body is able to perform right now, and this also brings you down to injuries and less time doing whatever you like the most (which I hope is working out not going out French fries  and doughnuts, you dumb).

4) You are afraid of touching heavy stuff. Opposite to the third mistake, you have this fourth, which is exactly not trying harder than before. When you going for physical activities, remember, it is not only about exercising, but training, which means you must adapt to new challenges in order to experience greater results.

5) While your body seems to be in the gym, your mind takes too long in social media. Instead of focusing so much on likes and shares, shut your mind and train! Remember, while in the gym, fitness studio or box, take care of your health and forget the social media for a while. 

Keep Strong And Have Fun.