The Best Exercises to Look Good Naked

Increasing bone density, increasing lean weight, and decreasing body fat represent some goals that everybody would probably like to achieve is some way, but who doesn’t want to look good naked as well?

While it’s not up to me, deciding what is good and what is not good for you regarding to beauty, I would suggest the exercises below.

The suggestions were based on what I see people looking forward when they look for my services in fitness centers and boxes around the world.

While these exercises by themselves will not be able to change our body completely (unless we also take some good care of nutrition and recovery) they can of course help us become our own versions of Ben Affleck,as Batman, or Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Exercises were separated between suggestions for men and suggestions for women. 

Exercises for men are prioritizing broader shoulders and back, a v-shape taper and stronger legs. For women, we are looking for stronger and rounder buttocks (taking in consideration the Brazilian preference) and a thinner waist.


Bench press with barbell or dumbbells

This is the first suggestion aiming to get you with a wider chest and a stronger look. Avoid machines as much as possible, because while training with barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells in general, you can train with a little bit more of instability, which generates more greater gains throughout your training sessions.

Dumbbell lateral raises

This is a great way of simulating the lateral head of your deltoids. It will give you wider shoulders, while not exhausting your chest and back muscles.


If by any chance you are not able to perform strict pull-ups, you can use the aid of bands, a box or even train using a lat pull down machine. This is an excellent way to simulate arms, back, and your body as a whole, as you develop a beautiful v-shape taper.

Front squats

If you just get your torso and your arms to work, while underestimating your legs, well, you will probably get a kind of Johnny Bravo look. I don’t know about you, but I’m not very interested in holding on my skinny legs for life.

Front squats are a great way to prioritizing quads, getting a more proportional shape and another detail, by working lower body you can get a much higher hormonal response and muscle growth than by isolating exercises.


It is very difficult trying to decide exactly what you women are looking forward when you get to start training, but one thing seems to be true: sedentary girls, when they start any kind of training tend to have an amazing response to their efforts.

Any kind of squat

Squats are good for toning, shaping and on adding some volume to your gluteus, quads and hamstrings. For a good squat, I suggest feet shoulder distance apart, with your toes pointing out slightly to the outside, drive your buttocks all the way to the back on the descent, make sure your knees are always pushing out, so that you allow space to your hips drop down, make sure your heels are always on the floor, do not lose your back and keep your abs active.

Barbell hip thrust

Lots of women give me a lazy look, when I tell them that they should be squatting often. They even come with the excuse that if they do workout legs too much they’re going to end up hiding their buttocks due to way too developed hamstrings. So, in order to avoid it, work on hip thrusts with a barbell. You can also work with kettlebells and  barbell plates. By working on your hip thrusts, you are focusing straight on your buttocks, which will allow them a rounder shape and gorgeous curves.

Bench Dips

This is an easy way to focus on your triceps. One of the main concerns of my female clients is regarding to the fact that when they have to say goodbye to someone, they feel a flabby skin under their triceps. This could be caused by some fluid retention, as well as loss of muscle mass over the years of their life, without simulating muscle growth. A good way to end that is by working out your triceps, by doing that, you’re going to focus on muscle gain, while losing some of the body fat and fluid retention. Get a firmer and gorgeous look.


If women committed to performing 10 to 20 push-ups a day, I bet that all of them would get more satisfied with how their breasts look and stop concerning so much about surgeries and implants. How does it work? Basically, as you develop your pectoralis major muscles, they’ll stick out of your chest more and make your breasts appear a bit more pronounced. Second, as your pecs get bigger, they’ll lift your breasts so they sit higher on your chest.

- But Nilo, there is this girl in my gym who has no boobs at all and she’s been training pecs for a while.

-  But the girl from your gym is probably taking more testosterone than your boyfriend has been producing naturally for his whole life.

Keep Strong. Work Out. Don’t Stop.