Always Uncomfortable (Part 2 of 3)

Following the first part of the Always Uncomfortable Series, there is no such thing as comfort zone. Any situation that you may think as being a sign of living in the comfort zone is quite uncomfortable by itself. Living by no plan is also a plan, so here are some Nilogia suggestions to make the best of it:

11) Travel. It expands our existence at the same time it gives us the chance of being grateful for the world we live in. It teaches us to detach from the material and how to give more importance to the experiences.

12) Forgive. A grudge is like trash into that backpack or purse you carry everywhere. Of course it should not mean that by forgiving you are up to all the suffering again.
13) Visualize. It does not matter if you are preparing for a big lift or getting ideas about the reality you want to achieve; visualizing is a great and free technique that helps us on getting closer and closer to concrete goals.
14) Meditate. Work the time and technique according to your priorities and possibilities. I suggest the use of breathing exercises (pranayamas),  koans (kind of unanswerable questions that might help you on emptying your mind) or really taking a specific time to close your eyes and empty your mind.

15) Challenge Self Control. It might be by fasting, by exposing yourself to cold, by taking dance classes, by reading a book you would never pick; whatever you choose, be consistent and see how positively it affects your perception towards feelings and emotions.
16) Get Away From Technology. I mean it. As with meditation, choose how you can be consistent with that. Dinner without your cell phone, a day without social media, or why not a full week without your mobile, messenger and social media?

17) Relax. The same way we program a cheat day or meal in a diet with the intent of making it more effective and easier to follow for longer periods, we all benefit from some sort of relaxation or distraction.
18) Have a Purpose. We are born, then we grow up (study, work, get married, have kids, get divorced...) and die. Really? Is that how you want to define your passage by this planet? Whatever your are doing right now, stop for a second and ask yourself: Is it consistent with my life purpose? Am I working towards it or against it?
19) Challenge Your Brain. Read with the mobile upside-down, write with the opposite hand, take a different way back home, play video-games, but make sure you keep challenging your brain.
20) Expose Yourself to Something Positive Before Bed and After Waking. Instead of watching the news, read a book, listen to soft music, have sex or make love, listen to motivational speakers (Earl Nightingale, Deepak Chopra, Bryan Tracy), it works much better than the news about the weather, traffic and violence.

Keep Strong. And Recap Part 1.