Focus, Drive & Make Do

Finally we took the decision to change our eating habits, we are back to the game and we never miss a workout. We bought some supplements that we judged to be necessary or at least we were convinced by someone that they were in case we are truly willing to make real gains and changes visible.

In some cases, we use the support of friends and family and make it even stronger by also including the assistance of social networks and virtual friends to give an even greater shift in our motivation bar.

Then we also wake up early or sleep late in order to complete the workout of the day as if it played a part on a declared war against inactivity and stagnation. By now, we drink gallons of water. We strive to achieve the much needed eight hours of sleep. We eat fruits, vegetables, leaves, nuts, seeds, lean cuts of meat, fish, and poultry, whilst we avoid as much as possible any industrialized or processed food. Some of us are even stricter: we restrict ourselves from any kind of product or food derived from animals. We moderate salt and sugar. We count calories and weigh food. We read. We feel like we are back to school and we learn. We are focused and we are driven. But we must take it easy and be realistic.

Feeling like I've just thrown a bucket of ice cold water over your head? Don't take me wrong, even though I am rather favorable to cold showering every morning (Always Uncomfortable Series), I just wish you fight your own battle and do not feel pressured if you are not where you would like to be yet.

I want you to imagine the most terrifying war scenario and realize that by the time the rock storm starts falling, every strategy, every spreadsheet, all those heroes we idolize, every "perfect life" that we have been following through social media, random beliefs, all the science, the support and suggestions of those around us, might they come from our friends, magazine articles, your personal trainer or your favorite blog including this one, all of that is worth nothing if it does not work for you.

The war is yours, and even if you don't feel you are shining in the big HD Widescreen of Success for everything you have been doing, it's still yours.

Don't compare your efforts with others; there is a big chance that the focus and drive of those around you might not be so much focus and drive as you thought it was.

Keep Strong. And Make Do.