I Hurt Myself, My Life Will Never Be the Same

It was a sunny Sunday! I had Bigwig playing out loud through my earphones, one of the pop punk bands that I love listening while skateboarding, running or working out. After enthusiastically pushing my longboard straight forward, there I was, proudly swinging from one side to the other in order to increase my speed, sliding by the smooth and steaming hot asphalt from Paulista Avenue in that beautiful afternoon.

Everything was pretty alright, until the "sounds like a boy singing" guy and the furious guitar reefs of the song coincidentally called Bad Timing, abruptly mixed with the sudden appearance of a child crossing the avenue a few meters away from me. I did what was possible to divert my direction, but the change of course was so sudden, that it did not come without a crackling sound, and nope, it was not for the Californian band drums still loud on my Iphone, it was actually my knee kind of... dying.

A lot of pain, something like a red balloon where before I had my patella, a few hours in the hospital, x-ray,  MRI and finally the diagnosis: Complete Tear of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Different than the SLAP tear in my shoulder, which after opting for a non surgical intervention, I am being able to live with; my knee is in a condition that going through surgery seems to be the smartest option for recovery. It will be 3 months away from work. Probably 1 month to organize the surgery and visit doctors. 1 month post surgery until being able to walk normally. Hence are 10-12 months to return to the practice of any physical activity without pain or limitations (including that 500 lb squat I was planning for this week).

It happens. You watch out for good hours of sleep; train with tenacity; keep well concerned of the need to drink plenty of water and nothing more; avoid processed food; eat only enough to maintain a stable and high level of  energy throughout the day, while avoiding the accumulation of unnecessary fat deposits; supplement only with the fundamental, as we have seen here at Nilogia and still, it happens...

A spine disc that suddenly bulges, a ligament that tears, a wrist that breaks, tendinitis, arthritis, or worse! The advance of Cancer cells or an unexpected cardiac problem.

My life will never be the same! No, and it has never been the same, I have been always seeking for the clash, diversity, experiences, errors, then in fact, nothing has changed! It was never the same.

So what to do? We fight! Remember that living to be your own superhero also includes adversities.

"With great power comes great responsibility." (Uncle Ben - Spider-Man)

Including caring, preventing as you can, but also knowing how to deal with injuries and diseases when there is no other option.

Then, unless we are called Eddard or Frankenstein and we have literally lost our heads, there is no reason to abandon the workouts, the healthy eating and why not the enthusiasm.

In times like these we must embrace our own battles and take into account principles that are commonly emphasized in the search for Fitness: Train to be prepared for the unknown.

Well then, I  got an injury, but the readers of Nilogia Fitness will get a present: The Road to Recovery Series.

Over the upcoming months, I will explore some reflections and free fundamental knowledge with respect to the types of training that make ourselves more prone to injury; possible reasons for increased risk of injury; what to do from the moment you find a more serious injury, as well as what not to do (I already found out some items painfully by myself); what and how to eat, supplements and when would you be able to return to your regular lifestyle.

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Keep Strong. Can't Squat, Do a Pistol.