Road to Recovery: 5 Exercise Modalities Popular For Causing Injuries

Congratulations! You are reading the first article of the Road to Recovery series, inspired by my ACL injury, written to help people who have suffered injuries, as well as motivate and inform those who are currently well, but would like to avoid unnecessary risks.

First of all, taking the perspective of a personal trainer, I do not believe one specific exercise modality might  hurt so much more than others. Any study, or article that we find on the subject is always based on a small group and a very short period of time if compared to the population and the human history as a whole (even if it were a study conducted for 2000 years with a million people, still it would not be enough). Another factor is that each individual can not be stereotyped only by the training or exercise he or she does. There is a bunch of ​​possibilities all the way around, such as nutrition, rest, genetics, hormones, etc.

But let's get down to what matters, considering the most popular content out there, Nilogia Fitness presents to you 5 Exercise Modalities Popular For Causing Injuries:

2) Conventional Bodybuilding
3) Running
4) Jiu-Jitsu
5) Inertia

I confess that as soon as I got injured, it came to my mind I would spend a good time away from CrossFit and Jiu-Jitsu, but then after cooling down from all the stress, I started researching and found that it's really simple: Every workout can cause injuries but some of the possible injuries involved are worse than others, dropping a 400 lb barbell in your head should hurt more than a tendinitis caused by running too much, still that does not mean we cannot control overtraining, give more attention to mobility and strength work, as well as to the use of massage techniques and stretching to reduce many of the risks caused by failure or excessive execution of a certain movement.

Conventional bodybuilding, apparently safer, less intense, aided by the use of machines and cardio equipment, also causes injuries all the time. The high volume and use of isolated exercises cause damage to joints and various types of tears and tendinitis.

Squats, presses, pulls and deadlifts, part of CrossFit and bodybuilding routines, although considered functional, for they mimic natural body movements, are usually performed for high volume (too much load) and frequency (many reps), often without allowing the body to readapt to the proposed stimuli. Again, recovery, moderation when choosing the number of workouts per week, nutrition, all together may assist the athlete, whether amateur or professional.

Jiu-jitsu, the soft martial art, similar to a chess game, but played on the ground by athletes who are less interested for the next episode of Game of Thrones, and more interested in the fastest way to immobilize you, and get back to their knees as quick as possible for the next roll is amazing. However, like any other fight or martial art, from the moment that it involves impact, power and very fast movements, it can also cause damage, even though it might happen more frequently only in long-term practice.

Running or jogging, for those who simply watch or recommend the practice, can even seem to be super safe. However, every athlete who runs either 100, 200, 300 meters, or 5 to 50 km a week knows that once you fall in love for the activity, it is common dealing with pain, tendinitis and more serious conditions, such as cartilage and joints degeneration.

But then everything causes injury! Apparently yes, and then the question to answer is: Wouldn't it then be better to stay home? Join something less aggressive like Zumba, tai chi and yoga? Why not making some excuses and saying that you are too old for whatever you think about? Or maybe, shouldn't we join  those suffering from Crood's Syndrome, who spend their lives locked in their caves all saying "Caution! This is new and dangerous"?

Definitely, I will not stand for this option! I cheer all of you who invested the time and effort to read this far, and I wish you keep motivated to get out there and fight day after day, feeding the enthusiasm to do the things you love and understanding, that once in the front, it is true we all have a chance of being hit or... End up throwing things overhead!

Keep Strong! And Getting Out of Wherever You Are Right Now!