I Beautifully Messed Up My Diet. What to Do Now?

This blog is all about Fitness. But what is Fitness after all? It is basically your ability to perform under any circumstance or environment. It doesn't matter if we are talking about a barbecue, war front-line, mixed martial arts octagon or an office.

Over the last decades improved overall Fitness has become more and more related to significant improvements in Health as well. So it does not matter if you just turned eighteen, or close to your forties, we all may benefit from some physical training.

Training depends on energy, bur where does this energy come from? Food as we saw in this article here.

So, once it is clear what you should be doing, let's face that we don't do always what we should, and that's exactly why, this post was made thinking about those moments when we  go all they out out of track with our eating plans. So here is what to do when you find yourself in this situation:

1) Keep Calm And You Are One Meal Away of Getting Back to Track. Imagine you are eight years old once again, you are going on a family trip to Alaska, hence that you father opted for driving there in a trailer. 2 days later you find out you are on the wrong way, almost in Mexico. What does you father do? Unless you are part of a very spontaneous family, they go back to the desired destiny, right?! So, why should it be different when we are talking about healthy food. It is bit because some junk food that you must keep going downhill for days and days.

2) Drink Copious Amounts of Water. After a long and huge hiper caloric meal, drinking lots of water aids on digestions as well as helping the body release toxins faster.

3) Get Some Extra Training. Any energy in excess tend to become fat, so make sure you add some extra activities over the course of the next days. Walk more, stand instead of sitting, get some extra fitness classes in your schedule, etc.

Keep Strong. And Eating Smart a Day at a Time.