Paralysis By Analysis

Coconut oil is good for you. Coconut oil is bad for your health. Which one is right? Maybe neither, maybe both, it is hard to know. But one thing is right, when we consider Fitness, Nutrition and Health, science may be confusing, leading us to paralysis by analysis, a condition in which we choose taking no action, as we are not sure what to do.

Despite every reader different conclusion regarding these subjects, although it might be the opposite of what Nilogia is proposing, what we do consider important is underscoring the need to stand for something towards these statements.

We are not talking about democrats and republicans, considering if you should wear a blue or red sweater, watch Game of Thrones or Vikings, we are talking about your body, the only property we could say it is truly yours.

The same body, that much different than a cellphone, a car, a scooter, once it is damaged, there is no 100% fixing or technical support. You can't just go to eBay and try selling it in order to get the latest version.

For that, here we invite you to escape from paralysis by analysis. That you consider less and take more actions, and that you get the time to understand that there is not only one single way to lead you where you want, but just standing there in the same spot without moving, when Health is in the game, can surely ruin EVERY possible way.

Keep Strong. Do Something for You Today.