How do I Increase My Metabolism?

Warning: This article might change mere mortals into calorie killer machines. The simple act of standing and getting away from your laptop to the kitchen to fetch a cup of water might be enough to burn the equivalent to two family size double-chocolate milk shakes.

Okay, maybe that's too much, but it does not mean you should not get at least some of that. Start today using the strategies below and find out How To Increase Your Metabolism:
1) Eat Enough. Either to lose or gain weight, work with the idea of Minimum Effective Dose. Cutting or adding way too many calories creates a havoc on hormonal production, as well as it plays negatively on increased energy production (ATP).

2) Start Your Day With A Nutritious Meal And Mind The Protein. From the Greek, protein means "first food", it is necessary for every possible metabolic operation, so make sure you include some protein with a side of some highly nutritious option as broccoli, spinach, pays, etc.

3) Get A Cup Of Coffee Or Tea Once In A While. While I am not very favorable to making it a habit (for the love of keeping my teeth white), caffeine from coffee and catechins from green tea act increasing our metabolism, stimulating our nervous system, allowing also greater performance on physical activities. Burn up to 180cal a day by adding these beverages here and there.

4) Eat More To Weigh Less. Cut out industrialized, processed and refined food as much as possible and get he chance to eat more volume for less calories. You would need to eat 2 lbs of broccoli to get the equivalent in calories of 3-4 slices of bread, and remember that food is not only about calories, but also nutrients. Broccoli is extremely rich in protein, calcium, fibers, phytonutrients and antioxidants.

5) Protein For Every Meal. Even though every food has some content of protein in it, make sure you add foods that the main nutrient is protein by itself in every meal. The simple act of digesting protein rich foods can burn up to 35% of their original calorie content.

6) Sunbathe. It is not only for the vitamin D, it is also for the effect it plays in our mood. Better mood, some tanning, plus the benefits of vitamin D, everything helps on boosting our metabolism, as well as saving lean tissue from any possible loss.

8) Don't Let Loose On The Booze, Drink Water. Whilst it's possible keeping in shape while drinking heavy here and there (learn how to do it as an expert with our free guide), every gram of alcohol we drink is metabolized by our liver, which in esxchange slows down every other metabolic operation our body needs to go through. Based on that, drink lots of water instead.

Keep Strong. And Speed It Up.