The Top 10 Trending Questions About Fitness In A Relaxed Post

Thanks to you, Nilogia keeps getting bigger and stronger, so today we have decided to put together the main questions that frequently come up when it comes to Fitness, so here we go, The Top 10 Trending Questions About Fitness In A Relaxed Post:

1) What is Fitness? Literally, it is your ability to "fit in", hence "being in shape". Being prepared for anything, any situation. Fitness is your ability to be ready for any situation, task or environment, whatever it is. It ranges not only for exercising, as well as any other challenge, as going 24 hours without eating, exposing yourself to cold baths, hours without sleeping, etc.

2) Is gluten bad? If you are intolerant or suffer from any metabolic disease, evidence (AMIN et al., 2002) indicates that likely yes,  Eat and see how you feel. In doubt, there are exams that can help you.

3) Is milk bad? No, if you consider that gasoline is not bad for a car either. The point you should consider is that breast milk is for babies, and cow's milk... Well, it should be for cows! We are the only living beings who drink milk from another species, which does not drink its own milk after adulthood. In addition, it is a processed, refined, industrialized food. Still, barely even, it should be only really bad for you if you have some kind of digestion intolerance (HEYMAN et al., 2006). If you want to get deeper in the chit chat about the white subject, click HERE.

4) What is CrossFit? Does it aid on weight loss? CrossFit has three meanings. The first stands for the brand: registered in 2000, it can only be CrossFit if we pay an annual fee to use the name. The second meaning stands for the methodology that involves constantly varied high intensity functional training: it is functional because it "functions" improving our natural day to day movements, such as running, jumping, pushing, pulling, and jumping; it is performed in high-intensity as evidence (LAURSEN et al., 2002) indicates it improves both our aerobic and anaerobic capacity, increasing lean mass, decreasing fat, and strengthening bones; and it is constantly varied in order to remove the body from the comfort zone creating a larger window of nervous and hormonal adaptations to the stimulus of exercise. The third meaning stand for CrossFit as a sport, which involves circuit style workouts held in a competitive manner, culminating in a world millionaire tournament.

5) What do I do to get shredded? Get a shredder. Seriously, drink a considerate amount of water as it aids on detox, eat, sleep, and exercise proportionally, and if so, if you feel you still need something else, there is evidence (ASTRUP et al., 1990) that caffeine could serve as an excellent cost-benefit supplement.

6) Are sweet potatoes fattening? No. No food is fattening. You gain weight or lose weight according to the amount you take. The same stands for potatoes and yams in general, whether they are sweet or ordinary, both types can be part of a healthy diet. Consult a nutritionist to find out which foods are best suited for your goal.

7) Which is the best exercise for the abs? My suggestion is the isometric plank, as it activates the body as a whole and it is an excellent exercise to strengthen a neutral posture. However, if your goal is getting a six pack it does not matter how, focus on the kitchen. Food is the key, exercising is just a part of it. You change your body as a whole, losing fat just from a specific spot of the body is virtually impossible.

8) What supplements to take? Start by drinking 1 liter of water for every 20 kg (45 lbs) of body weight every day. Eat unprocessed, non industrialized, non refined food as much as possible. And then, only then, maybe you could add some omega 3, creatine, multivitamin, caffeine and whey, but first, talk to a nutritionist. The girl in the huge supplement store, me or the cool people you talk too at your local gym, we are not the most reliable sources of information.

9) What is the best physical activity: running or lifting weight? Both. The body is a complex structure and it depends both on cardiovascular and respiratory stimuli, as well as on resistance exercises to keep as healthy as possible.

10) What is the best diet? The one that attends to your uniqueness. Considering that regarding to biological adaptations and evolution, the human body is practically the same for at least ten thousand years, a diet free of processed, refined and industrialized food, preferably organic most of the time, seems to be a good alternative. Still, for a more personalized program and assistance that attends your own characteristics, seek for the help of a nutritionist.  

Keep Strong. And Keep Asking.