How to Lose Belly Fat (Formula Included)

Are you giving your best, doing everything you can to lose weight and even then everything seems to be changing a little bit except your belly?

First of all, I'd suggest you take a look on what you have been doing over the course of the last few years and consider that unfortunately there is not one magic formula that will get rid of the extra pounds you have accumulated in 5-6 years in only 5-7 days.

On the other hand, if you have been really striving and feel that you have been achieving all kinds of weight loss including from the shins, face, hands, but not from the core, follow CONSISTENTLY our tips and learn How to Lose Belly Fat:

This is a very simple formula: Exercise + Nutrition = Fitness (Your Ability to Perform Your Best At Any Given Environment Or Situation, Your Health, Shape, etc.)

If the Exercise is negative (-) as sitting for too long, sleeping less than you should, keeping a bad posture, being sedentary, spending too much time on social media, preparing way too many cigarettes, lifting several pints of beer daily and the Nutrition is positive (+) as when we non processed, non industrialized, non refined food as by eating veggies, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, nuts, seeds, some fruit, some starch our Fitness will be "more and less".

If the Exercise is positive (+) like weightlifting, running, rowing, cycling, hiking, taking part on sport events and competitions, dancing, enjoying an intense and responsible sexual life, ghost hunting, killing trolls or getting ready for an Apocalypse Zombie, but the Nutrition is negative (-) like when we eat ONLY pizza, ice, pasta, cereal bars, shakes, muffins and doughnuts our Fitness also keeps being "more and less", look:

Exercise (-) + Nutrition (+) = Fitness (+-) = Average Fitness = Love Handles = More Whining = Excuses = If You Believe It Is Not Possible, Then It Is Impossible = Belly Dancing = Lame Face

Now, it the Exercise is positive (+) as well as the Nutrition, then Fitness also turns out to be extremely positive!

Exercise (+) + Nutrition (+) = Fitness (+)

So, stop looking for miraculous plans and apply the simple following strategies to your routine. We challenge you to try them and experience on your own body the amazing differences this changes can make when we aim Belly Fat loss:

First Step: Weightlifting & High Intensity Training At Least 2x A Week For 30-60 minutes. High intensity exercising increases our metabolism not only during the exercise bouts as well as on the 24 hours post working out. Is also increases the amount of fat cells we burn per session while allowing muscle growth and increased bone density. Click here and you will find a very intense workout that I invented for those who would like to start still today, but do not have a gym available.

Second Step: Non Processed, Non Refined, Non Industrialized Food for Specific Pre Established Periods of Time. Choose the number of days, minimum of 7, to eat only plants, veggies, green leaves, meat, fish, poultry, milk, eggs, nuts, seeds, some fruit, some starch and extra virgin oils. Drink only water. This is a simple strategy to reset our eating habits, without the need to limit calorie intake. By doing so, you get the chance to eat more nutrient dense food options and limit the intake of chemicals, refined products, additives and preservatives (CRAP) in general. You can find more about this and why the smart action is able to aid on Belly Fat loss by clicking here.

Keep Strong.  And Make The Best Of This Formula.