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Uma Visão Sobre Escolhas Alimentares & Atividade Física em Tempos de Fim do Mundo

Preferi esperar a poeira baixar, dar tempo de nos adaptarmos a nova realidade em relação a pandemia com a qual ainda estamos lidando, antes de trazer alguns pontos que podem servir de verdadeiras pérolas para todos nós, tanto onívoros (aqueles que comem de tudo), quanto vegetarianos (aqueles que restringem parcialmente ou completamente o consumo de produtos de origem animal). De fato, não imaginei que passaríamos por isso;  já demos adeus a mais de um milhão de vidas (e subindo...) ( WORLDOMETERS, 2020 ) por conta de um vírus que tende a ser ainda mais perigoso quando infecta portadores de doenças crônicas como diabetes e hipertensão, asma, assim como obesos e indivíduos acima de 60 anos ( CENTRO DE CONTROLE E PREVENÇÃO DE DOENÇAS, 2020 ). Nos escondemos atrás de máscaras e litros de álcool em gel, mas sem nós dar conta de que através do desenvolvimento de Fitness (Hábitos Saudáveis, Educação Física e Nutrição), poderíamos prevenir não só as chances de termos graves complicações ao li

Nilogia Fitness Party Guide - 10 Days of Christmas & New Year's Eve

Dear Santa, on this Christmas, I would like to celebrate Jesus birthday, going beyond religion, faith, shopping, gifts, food, etc.

I am thankful for my life and I feel really grateful for another year full of experiences and learning. I am writing  to you this letter, even though I know you might not answer, and yes, once again, I also want to eat whatever I want!  I will even train every single day during the holidays, even on Christmas if I feel like doing so. I want to celebrate Christmas feeling good about myself and if possible, surrounded by friends and family.

Panettone? Check. Cookies? Check. Turkey? Check. Eggnog? Check. Gingerbread? Check. Roasted pig, lamb, barbecue, raisins, nuts, wine? Check. Check. Check. Cakes and pastry, lots of deserts? Bring it all and... Check. But how can it be possible eating all of these goodies and not losing the progress resulted of so much hard work done during the year?

Most gyms get quite empty during the holiday season, many do not even open, because this is usually when our trainers and coaches take some time to celebrate, hence indulge and get drunk.

If you wish to enjoy this holiday season and still be able to start January positively without feeling bad about your weight and Health, sign up for our newsletter and follow the power tips of our Nilogia Fitness Party Guide - 10 Days of Christmas & New Year's Eve:

Day 1 (Sunday, Before Christmas): Drink Lots of Water and Fast

Drink one liter of water for every 45 lbs of body weight, this will aid on digestion and cleansing, so that you can enjoy the best of Christmas huge supper. During the day, avoid eating processed, refined or industrialized food. Cut added salt and sugar, down size your meals and do some fasting if your health allows you to do so. Fasting is a nice strategy to think about life, as well as to get prepared and ready for enjoying the best of Christmas. It helps us on realizing everything we should be grateful for, including our health, the food we eat everyday, the house or apartment where we live, the clothes we wear, the family and friends we have the chance to share moments with, etc. You can drink some coffee as it will help you staying alert during Christmas food prep and family gatherings before the night time, this also works by reducing your appetite. You can also use our 3 Strategies for Eating Like a Unicorn & Not Gaining Body Fat.

Day 2 (Monday, Christmas): Get Out And Play With the Active Gifts

Active gifts refer to any gift that demands some sort of physical effort to be used. It includes your little sister's new bike, your cousin's skateboard, your daughter's new skates, and any video game which demands real body actions to be played. Borrow them "just for a bit", use them the most, even though they are not yours.

Day 3 (Tuesday): Short Bursts of Exercise

It will probably be a very fast paced week until New Year's Eve. You'll probably be traveling, or working, but either options won't offer much time to exercise. Consider then, going for short bursts of exercise. Examples: 100 push-ups for time, 2k fast run followed by 100 sit-ups, or 10 minutes AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of squats, alternating work and rest every 30 secs, etc.

Day 4 (Wednesday): Choose and Perform a Challenging Benchmark Workout

This workout must be tiresome, demanding and push you to the limits in such a way that you get an opportunity to get closer to your inner feelings and thoughts regarding to the year you have been through. It works better if performed alone. A benchmark workout can be either one invented by you or any of the famous ones available in the fitness community. Benchmark training sessions are useful not only to track your progress throughout the years, as well as a good opportunity to honor someone or a cause you respect, love, support, etc.  Nilogia Fitness suggests the Workout "Murph", named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. It consistis of: 1 mile run, followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, then closed by another 1 mile run, for time, preferably wearing a 20 lbs vest or backpack throughout the workout. Adapt as necessary.

Day 5 (Thursday): Don't Get Drunk

Christmas will have just passed by, and in a few days, you will have a second opportunity to drink and party hard, so be fair to yourself and take it easy on cocktails during the week. More about that is discussed in The Booze Saga - A Survival Guide for the Alcohol Lover.

 Day 6 (Friday): High Intensity

The week will be flying really fast. You will be still recovering from the benchmark workout, so it's time to focus on short, but high intensity training again. Skip rope, alternate it with planks, body weight training, mobility and balance drills, etc. (Even if you are on a cruise!)

Day 7 (Saturday): Hit the Streets

Even though you can actually buy everything you want or need on the internet, Nilogia Fitness suggests that you physically go shopping at least 2-3 times during Christmas and New Year's Festivities. It will not only be an excellent chance to enjoy the vibe that surrounds both celebrations, as well as enjoying promotions and attractions that do not happen often throughout the other months of the year.

Day 8 (Sunday, Before New Year's Eve): Relax

Yes. You might have a million errands to be run before partying at night, but we do suggest you take the first hours of the day to chill out, either by waking up without using an alarm clock, staying a little longer in bed, booking a massage or spa therapy, preparing a soothing salt bath, going for an early morning walk, doing whatever you feel good about, preferably something that eases any stress or anxiety. Here you will find our favorite 6 Ways to Chilling Out Like a Pro.

Day 9 (Monday, First Day Of The Year): Do The Dishes

This is an excellent opportunity to burn calories, be useful and play the good guy or girl in the family. One hour doing the dishes burns an average of 800 Calories.

Day 10 (Tuesday, When The Year "Officially" Starts): Get Rid of Junk Food

So, do you still have leftovers from Christmas and New Year's Eve at home? Take it all to work and share among coworkers. Avoid storing leftovers at home. Start ahead by taking this simple step. It is also the perfect time to go back to working out with your friends. Focus on weight training as you probably have not had the chance to lift as heavy as possible over the last week. Most gyms and fitness studios will be already running their regular schedules again. And of course, you can also get some of these 5 Fitness Supplements That Are "Really" Proved to Work.

 Keep Strong. Happy Holidays. See You Here Next Year.

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