Your Detox Is Killing Your Results

If you got here, I got what I wanted. Now it's time to give you what you want. Calm down, you do not have to crucify me, but let's get straight to work and you will  have a better chance of understanding the scenario I am portraying throughout this article.

Pop culture pushed us more and more towards industrialized foods and big brands. But mainstream marketing did not bring only that, it also brought a thousand solutions to our problems: miracle lifecoaching, Ab Shapers, supplements, weight loss teas, fitness bloggers, several fasting protocols, extreme diets, strange habits , etc. Unfortunately, with all that, we are also experiencing the highest rates of chronic diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, as well as CANCER.

© Michal Mrozek
But I have something to tell you:

There is no miracle pill for our problems (not even anabolic steroids). There is no supplement or capsule that alone will get rid of all the toxins.

Another reality:

There is not even one medication that actually cures diseases. Wait, I say this considering that medications are meant to treat mainly symptoms, but the causes should be prevented rather than treated.

Do you know any of the cases below?

Johnny Sour Face: works out every day, eats well, but confesses that he can't give up eating bread on every possible meal. He works a lot, sleeps very little, he heard that drinking  a cup of pure lemon juice with honey in the morning helps to detoxify.

Suggestion: try eating less bread, sleeping more, using the lemon to season food or mix its juice with water, but waking up with a sour face? Well, it's up to you.

Fancy Nancy: social network celebrity, runs her own makeup company, which provides her a thousand different cosmetics she can not live without. She has just posted on her feed that she is now using some "cute" capsules that will help her lose fat while she keeps on eating burgers and fries daily.

Suggestion: less makeup for life, considering the absurd effects they can cause in the long run. Cosmetics often contain heavy metals and endocrine disrupting compounds that are no good for fat loss, and of course, they add to toxic buildup (ZULAICHA et al., 2015). Also, consult a nutritionist and probably a psychologist. Maybe it is not only the body that needs to look better.

Ivana Banana: fashion model, two months since she decided to go vegan all by herself. Ivana loves yoga, wakes up early, extremely active, but lately she is not happy with her body, besides she feels a lot of pain in her joints. Ivana would love to get a little bit more muscle mass, mainly in her buttocks, but then she gives up and surrender to her favorite comfort foods. She knows it might be a lack of protein, but she continuously follows the absurd routine of eating surreal amounts of fruit, we are talking 6-8 bananas a day, plus 4-5 apples, plus the granola bars, plus a pineapple, the grapes, the cranberry juice, and of course the Oreos, after all Oreos are vegan!

I think by now you've got an idea of ​​what I'm talking about:

For most of the clients I've met over the years working with Fitness, the biggest challenge is not whether we are drinking hibiscus or green tea, whether we prefer bananas or not, whether we drink water with lemon or if we fast at night, but four factors:

1) Not moving enough.
2) Drinking not enough water.
3) Eating more or less than our bodies need.
4) Sleeping too little.

If you can look at these factors and be able to correct at least a bit of each, you will be already getting rid of most of the unnecessary "toxins" we accumulate.

1) Move More. By working out you activate the body's natural detoxification, it functions as a lymphatic massage, but for for free, without someone squeezing you like pasta noodles. You will be sweating, activating your circulation, increasing oxygenation and hormone production, etc.

© Skeeze
2) Drink More Water. By doing so, you will get more hydrated, you be able to decrease acidity, you will have to run to the toilet more frequently (it's already an exercise), you will experience less constipation (which means less fake yogurt inside your refrigerator), less fluid retention, and everything works better.

3) Eat According To What You Need. How much? Ideal is looking for a nutritionist, if you can't afford it, then, only then that's fine. There are apps like MyFitnessPal that can help you understand calories, vitamins, fibers, etc. a little better. Or ... You can study, study for real! Books, courses, certifications, it's your body, the only one you have!

4) Sleep. There is a scientific expression that will help you understand how the human body works: If you do not sleep the body does not recover, if it does not recover, you will get f*ckd, beautiful isn't it?! "Nilo, but I have to work!" EXCUSES! "Nilo, but there's no way I can do it!" EXCUSES! Look, all right, there are thousands of readers like you who come here and complain that they do not sleep anymore, because they do not have the time, my doubt is, until when won't you have the time you need? One thing is sacrificing yourself by sleeping 4-6 hours for a year, finding a way to survive another day, another thing is looking back and realizing that your life has boiled down to work, your children have grown up, your girlfriend is gone, Your dad an old man who smokes like a chimney and complains, you, someone going the same way.

So have you done all of this already? Well then, here there are some strategies I use and might help you to get even stronger results:

1) Read this article, if you can't, stop here ...
2) Make use of our Results Based Nutrition 2.0 right now.
4) Get rid of the Pokémon foods.
6) Understand how fruits work and eat more vegetables.

Keep Strong. And Feed Less Toxic Ideas Please.